Monthly Archive: August, 2016

‘NOW YOU SEE ME 2’ (2016) Movie Review – Glad to see Harry Potter still practicing

‘Now You See Me 2’ is the Mystery/Thriller sequel to the surprise hit ‘Now You See Me’ which released back in 2013. That was a movie that combined a great cast and likeable… Continue reading

‘SAUSAGE PARTY’ (2016) Movie Review – “Disney Pixar presents…….”

I think you should have gathered by now that sausage party is one animated movie that is definitely not for kids, unless of course you aim is to scar them for life, which… Continue reading

‘BAD NEIGHBOURS 2: SORORITY RISING’ (2016) Movie Review – More Greek Letters.

‘Bad Neighbours 2’ is another totally unnecessary sequel to a good original comedy that tries to live up to its predecessor but ultimately can’t quite get there. The main cast from the first… Continue reading

‘BEN-HUR’ (1959) Classic Review – The True Definition of an ‘Epic’

‘Ben-Hur’ is a Historical Epic that dominated the 1960 Oscars becoming one of three films ever to win 11 academy awards to this day (joining ‘Titanic’ and ‘LotR: RoTK’) including Best Actor, Director,… Continue reading

‘DIRTY DANCING’ (1987) Classic Review – “Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner”

This 29 year old film released on this day in 1987 was made for a measly $6M and has since made a whopping $214M and is loved by many people from those who lived… Continue reading

‘DEMOLITION’ (2016) Movie Review – Jake Gyllenhaal shines in an overall good film

‘Demolition’ stars Jake Gyllenhaal….. Enough said…… Go see it….. This film is a Drama that follows Davis Mitchell (Gyllenhaal) who after losing his wife in a car crash begins to break down and… Continue reading

‘LIGHTS OUT’ (2016) Movie Review – Good Luck Sleeping After This One

‘Lights Out’ is a horror film starring Teresa Palmer and Maria Bello and is directed by David F Sandberg, the director of the 2013 short film ‘Lights Out’ on which this film is… Continue reading

‘SING STREET’ (2016) Movie Review – A Complete Package

This is the first film to release this year that i have wanted to re-watch immediately after seeing it, just unbelievably phenomenal. This is a film that has been highly praised by everyone… Continue reading

‘THE NICE GUYS’ (2016) Movie Review – Amazing Chemistry Between Crowe and Gosling

‘The Nice Guys’ is one of the best buddy action comedies to hit the big screen in a while and has probably the best ‘dynamic duo’ since Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker in… Continue reading

‘SUICIDE SQUAD’ (2016) Movie Review – Gotta Love That Studio Interference

See that poster right there? That giant mess of an explosion with crap flying everywhere? That is this movie summed up in one image, i mean the crap flying everywhere is really cool,… Continue reading