Monthly Archive: October, 2017

‘SAW: THE FINAL CHAPTER’ (2010) Classic Movie Review – “GAME OVER!”

Saw: The Final Chapter is the final film in the Saw franchise (as of 2010) and where it ends on an epic note for Saw fans, the movie itself isn’t all that great.… Continue reading

‘THE BABYSITTER’ (2017) Movie Review – A Ridiculous Horror/Comedy That Just Works

Robbie Amell is shirtless the entire time……. why?…… just don’t question it…. The Babysitter is a Netflix Original Film, directed by McG (Charlie’s Angels) and stars Bella Thorne, Samara Weaving, Robbie Amell, Hana… Continue reading

‘THE EMOJI MOVIE’ (2017) Movie Review – Straight Up Garbage….. No Other Way To Put It

What an absolute fucking shitbox…… The Emoji Movie takes a premise that honestly isn’t that bad of an idea, having the story take place within a smartphone allows for a variety of unique… Continue reading

‘SAW VI’ (2009) Classic Movie Review – “Right Now You Are Feeling Helpless”

Saw VI is the last film in the franchise that despite my obvious love for the it, it can still be considered a good movie, the same can’t be said for VII. But… Continue reading

‘BLADE RUNNER 2049’ (2017) Spoiler Review – “You’ve Never Seen A Miracle”

MAJOR SPOILERS to follow for Blade Runner 2049…. Blade Runner 2049 is an absolute masterpiece, after 2 viewings it is by far my favourite movie of the year and may very well soon… Continue reading

‘GERALD’S GAME’ (2017) Spoiler Review – “You’re Only Made Of Moonlight”

Heavy SPOILERS to follow…… Obviously….. Directed by Mike Flanagan and based on a Stephen King novel, Gerald’s Game was a massive surprise and much better than I had expected, mainly due to the… Continue reading

‘BLADE RUNNER 2049’ (2017) Movie Review – Denis Villeneuve’s Quintessential Sci-Fi Masterpiece

It is official, Blade Runner 2049 is an astounding triumph on multiple levels, it succeeds in crafting a sequel that builds upon its predecessor’s story, and also stands on its own as a… Continue reading

‘THE BEGUILED’ (2017) Movie Review – Sofia Coppola’s Feminist Retelling Struggles To Impress Beyond Exceptional Performances

The Beguiled is a retelling of the 1971 film of the same name, both of which are film adaptations of the 1966 Thomas P. Cullinan novel also of the same name. The film… Continue reading

‘THE MEYEROWITZ STORIES (NEW AND SELECTED)’ (2017) Movie Review – Featuring Outstanding Performances And Incredible Dialogue

Acclaimed writer/director Noah Baumbach is back with his latest character centric story focusing on a dysfunctional family who put their quarrels aside to come together and celebrate their ageing father’s artistic work. The… Continue reading

‘SAW V’ (2008) Classic Movie Review – “Killing Is Distasteful….. To Me”

Saw V is the first and last film in the franchise directed by David Hackl and continues right where Saw IV left off with Agent Peter Strahm locked in Jigsaw’s death room. Saw… Continue reading