Monthly Archive: March, 2018

‘GAME OVER, MAN!’ (2018) Movie Review – Entirely Unfunny and a Chore to Watch

From the minds behind Workaholics comes this Netflix original action/comedy about a trio of waiters who become unlikely heroes when their hotel is taken over by terrorists. The film stars Adam Devine, Anders Holm,… Continue reading

‘PACIFIC RIM: UPRISING’ (2018) Movie Review – Doesn’t Even Live Up to the Average First Film

Pacific Rim: Uprising is the sequel to Guillermo Del Toro‘s Pacific Rim which released way back in 2013 and I thought it was just ok, nothing special and bordered the line between good… Continue reading

‘TOMB RAIDER’ (2018) Movie Review – Alicia Vikander Brings New Life To Lara Croft

Based on the most recent run of Tomb Raider video games comes this new and improved Tomb Raider film which grounds the adventures of Lara Croft closer to reality than Angelina Jolie‘s 2001… Continue reading

‘LIFE IS STRANGE: BEFORE THE STORM (2017) Game Review – A Beautiful Prequel Story

Life is Strange: Before the Storm is the prequel to one of my favourite games of all time; Life is Strange. It completely blew me away with the rich characters, fun gameplay, Twin… Continue reading

‘ANNIHILATION’ (2018) Movie Review – Amazing and Mesmerising Intelligent Sci-Fi

My mind right now is an absolute mess of thoughts, theories, ideas, questions, and potential answers all thanks to this incredible and intelligent sci-fi film from the creative mind of Alex Garland. Annihilation… Continue reading

‘THE OUTSIDER’ (2018) Movie Review – An Overall Average Yakuza Thriller

Set in 1950s Osaka, The Outsider follows a captured American soldier (Jared Leto) who joins the ranks of the Yakuza, earning their respect whilst going deeper into Japan’s criminal underworld. The Netflix release… Continue reading

‘JESSICA JONES’ Season 2 (2018) Spoiler Review – Where Is Kilgrave When You Need Him?

SPOILERS TO FOLLOW FOR JESSICA JONES SEASON 2 Season 2 of Jessica Jones has come and gone in overall disappointing fashion, the lack of Kilgrave is felt across the entire season and even… Continue reading

‘JESSICA JONES’ Season 2 (2018) TV Review – A Serious Villain Problem and Lack of Story Focus

Season 1 of Jessica Jones was an incredible breath of fresh air after the success of Daredevil season 1. Jones’ distinct personality and conflict with Kilgrave made that season my second favourite in… Continue reading

STAR WARS REBELS Series Finale Review – Could Not Have Ended Much Better

Spoilers…… Duh….. Star Wars Rebels began way back in 2014 and has since captured the hearts of Star Wars fans as it introduced a new fantastic group of characters to the universe as… Continue reading

A Reaction To The Ending Of Love, Simon (SPOILERS)

HEAVY SPOILERS FOR LOVE, SIMON TO FOLLOW When writing my review for Love, Simon I couldn’t stop thinking about a moment in the film where the audience reaction was so surprising, powerful, and… Continue reading