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‘JESSICA JONES’ Season 2 (2018) Spoiler Review – Where Is Kilgrave When You Need Him?

SPOILERS TO FOLLOW FOR JESSICA JONES SEASON 2 Season 2 of Jessica Jones has come and gone in overall disappointing fashion, the lack of Kilgrave is felt across the entire season and even… Continue reading

A Reaction To The Ending Of Love, Simon (SPOILERS)

HEAVY SPOILERS FOR LOVE, SIMON TO FOLLOW When writing my review for Love, Simon I couldn’t stop thinking about a moment in the film where the audience reaction was so surprising, powerful, and… Continue reading

‘EVERYTHING SUCKS!’ Season 1 (2018) Spoiler Review – Where Could A Possible Season 2 Go?

SPOILERS to follow for season 1 of Everything Sucks! Check out my Non-Spoiler Review if you have not yet seen the season and don’t want to be spoiled. If you took all of… Continue reading

‘THE CLOVERFIELD PARADOX’ (2018) Spoiler Review – Bring On The Next Entry

The Cloverfield Paradox has a number of flaws and plenty of room for where improvements can be made but it is still overall (for me at least) a good enjoyable film. There are… Continue reading

‘ALTERED CARBON’ Season 1 (2018) TV Spoiler Review – That Ending Though…

So here I want to touch on a few things from Altered Carbon Season 1 that are a little too spoiler filled to discuss in the regular review. So if you have not… Continue reading

‘STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI’ (2017) Spoiler Review – The Good, The Bad, And The Awesome

Star Wars: The Last Jedi made a tonne of ambitious decisions that took a departure from the familiar structure of previous entries in the franchise where all or most of which paid off.… Continue reading

‘JIGSAW’ (2017) SPOILER REVIEW – The Truth Will Set You Free

So the film has been out a while and there’s a bunch of stuff I wanted to talk about so better late than never I guess. And yes this will be full of… Continue reading

‘STRANGER THINGS: SEASON 2’ (2017) Spoiler Review – Turning Every Episode Upside Down

Stranger Things Season 2 is a complete home run, the season opens on a high, closes on a high, and consistently subjects you to shock and awe with each passing episode all of… Continue reading

‘THOR: RAGNAROK’ (2017) Spoiler Review – “Oh My God… The Hammer Pulled You Off?”

Thor: Ragnarok has finally hit and it is packed with spoiler filled goodness from hysterical cameos to MCU easter eggs. Taika Waititi has hit it out of the park creating one of the… Continue reading

‘SAW: THE FINAL CHAPTER’ (2010) Classic Movie Review – “GAME OVER!”

Saw: The Final Chapter is the final film in the Saw franchise (as of 2010) and where it ends on an epic note for Saw fans, the movie itself isn’t all that great.… Continue reading