‘MIKE AND DAVE NEED WEDDING DATES’ (2016) Movie Review – Anna Kendrick & Aubrey Plaza? I Wouldn’t Complain….

‘Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates’ is a comedy that draws you in with a very talented and funny cast but maintains a fairly average level of humour throughout. When two brothers (Zac… Continue reading

‘BEN-HUR’ (2016) Movie Review – Make It Stop… Make It Stop

Oh this is gonna be fun. Ok, here goes… Before the onslaught begins i have to commend this film for doing one thing that i didn’t think it was possible for it to… Continue reading

‘KINGSGLAIVE’ (2016) Movie Review – Like Cutscenes and a Game… Without the Game

‘Kingsglaive’ is an Action/Adventure film set in the world of Final Fantasy XV that tells the story of King Regis and his Kingsglaive in their attempts to prevent the empire from gaining ultimate… Continue reading

‘BLOOD FATHER’ (2016) Movie Review – Mel Gibson Absolutely KILLS IT

‘Blood Father’ is an Action/Thriller full of suspense, drama, action and proves that Mel Gibson has definitely still got it. This is by no means an incredible, groundbreaking film but it is definitely… Continue reading

‘NOW YOU SEE ME 2’ (2016) Movie Review – Glad to see Harry Potter still practicing

‘Now You See Me 2’ is the Mystery/Thriller sequel to the surprise hit ‘Now You See Me’ which released back in 2013. That was a movie that combined a great cast and likeable… Continue reading

‘SAUSAGE PARTY’ (2016) Movie Review – “Disney Pixar presents…….”

I think you should have gathered by now that sausage party is one animated movie that is definitely not for kids, unless of course you aim is to scar them for life, which… Continue reading

‘BAD NEIGHBOURS 2: SORORITY RISING’ (2016) Movie Review – More Greek Letters.

‘Bad Neighbours 2’ is another totally unnecessary sequel to a good original comedy that tries to live up to its predecessor but ultimately can’t quite get there. The main cast from the first… Continue reading

‘BEN-HUR’ (1959) Classic Review – The True Definition of an ‘Epic’

‘Ben-Hur’ is a Historical Epic that dominated the 1960 Oscars becoming one of three films ever to win 11 academy awards to this day (joining ‘Titanic’ and ‘LotR: RoTK’) including Best Actor, Director,… Continue reading

‘DIRTY DANCING’ (1987) Classic Review – “Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner”

This 29 year old film released on this day in 1987 was made for a measly $6M and has since made a whopping $214M and is loved by many people from those who lived… Continue reading

‘DEMOLITION’ (2016) Movie Review – Jake Gyllenhaal shines in an overall good film

‘Demolition’ stars Jake Gyllenhaal….. Enough said…… Go see it….. This film is a Drama that follows Davis Mitchell (Gyllenhaal) who after losing his wife in a car crash begins to break down and… Continue reading