‘THE BOSS’ – Movie Review – Melissa McCarthy is Melissa McCarthy

“In a world where terrible comedies dominate the market, Anna, now a single mom finds herself a long way from Arendelle where she must team up with the oversaturated Melissa McCarthy to ….uhhh……… Continue reading


AMERICA, FUCK YEAH!!! The third ‘Captain America’ film, ‘Civil War’ was to put it simply, just absolutely incredible. The Russo Brothers have hit it out of the park once again following ‘Winter Soldier’,… Continue reading

A short-ish rant on modern horror

This was pulled from my review of ‘The Witch’, it deserved its own post. The day in which horror films that treat the genre as more than just a shit-storm of jump-scares and… Continue reading

‘The Witch’ Movie Review – Featuring a Horror rant… naturally

‘The Witch’ or ‘The VVitch: A New-England Folktale’ is a deeply unsettling, amazingly acted, beautifully shot indie horror film had had me hooked as the suspense and the terror built up to an… Continue reading

‘London Has Fallen’ Review – THIS IS LONDON

One of the things i love about movies is that sometimes you don’t need compelling character development, or a beautiful use of cinematography to enjoy watching a movie. Sometimes, all you need are… Continue reading

Movie Review: THE JUNGLE BOOK (2016) – Great adaptation of a Disney Classic

The Jungle Book is the next instalment in the growing list of Disney live action remakes that have so far turned out to be relatively alright at best. This is by far the… Continue reading


Now,¬†after seeing the film twice, what i think of the movie overall hasn’t changed. My mind wasn’t changed about the terrible parts of the film and i still enjoyed the moments where it… Continue reading

Movie Review: KUNG FU PANDA 3 – Still fun after 3 films

Kung Fu Panda 3 is the third film in the successful franchise and caps off what is a surprisingly quite enjoyable series of films. The first film was a huge success and loved… Continue reading


My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, the sequel to the 2002 highly successful hit comedy is finally here with the whole family returning for another wedding. Like most belated comedy sequels, i wasn’t… Continue reading

Movie Review: BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE – Disappointing

Well shit, I was very conflicted after watching this movie, but i will open by saying that Batman V Superman may be the most disappointing film of the last year for what it… Continue reading