Opening This Week – October 16th – 18th – 2015

This week we have three very different films all marketed to different audiences and all three of them are films i was very interested in. The films are ‘Bridge of Spies’, ‘Crimson Peak’, and… Continue reading

Movie Review: CRIMSON PEAK (2015)- Guillermo Del Toro – Creepy Gothic Romance

Guillermo Del Toro, an incredibly diverse film-maker and a fantastic Gothic Horror director returns with Crimson Peak. It is a love story that incorporates many old school horror tones, but ultimately is more… Continue reading

Movie Review: MACBETH – Michael Fassbender, Marion Cotillard – ‘HAIL MACBETH’

HAIL MACBETH, HAIL MACBETH, HAIL MACBETH. WOW, that was a gripping, intense, beautifully shot film with unforgettable performances and has to be the best retellings of not only ‘Macbeth’ but all of Shakespeare’s… Continue reading

Movie Review: KNOCK KNOCK (2015) – Keanu Reeves Pile of Crap

WHAT. THE. FUCK. WAS. THIS. PIECE. OF. SHIT?…………….. Why on earth did this utterly terrible turd of a film get made? I honestly have absolutely no fucking clue what the point of this… Continue reading

Movie Review: DOPE (2015) – Intelligent, Funny, and a refreshing take on the Coming-Of-Age genre

Grab a coming-of-age film with 3 innocent teens, slap an R (MA15+) rating on it and you get this fucking ‘dope’ film. Dope is easily one of the most interesting and by far… Continue reading

Movie Review: BLACK MASS (2015) – Johhny Depp with a killer performance

Black Mass is a Biopic, a Crime Drama, that follows infamous crime lord James “Whitey” Bulger and his involvement with the FBI during the 70’s and 80’s that led to him becoming one… Continue reading

OPENING THIS WEEK – October 9th-11th – 2015

Welcome back to opening this week after a long time missing. This week we have three major new releases and one getting a limited release that i believe is worth mentioning. ‘Pan’ and… Continue reading

Movie Review: PAPER TOWNS – Cara Delevingne, Nat Wolff – Coming-of-Age Story (2015)

Paper Towns is another coming-of-age story about Quentin and his neighbour Margo and how here mysterious disappearance sends Quentin on a journey to find her through clues she left behind for him. Now… Continue reading

Movie Review: THE MARTIAN – Matt Damon – Better than Interstellar…

The Martian excelled at telling a gripping story with amazingly real characters, many intense edge of seat sequences all the way through and quite a bit of humour that also made the film… Continue reading

Movie Review: ‘MAN UP’ – Simon Pegg Romantic Comedy – Charming, Quirky and loads of fun!

‘Man Up’ is a British Romantic Comedy that stars Simon Pegg as Jack, a man going on a blind date with a mystery woman, and Lake Bell as Nancy who ends up unexpectedly… Continue reading