WEEKEND BOX OFFICE – September 11-13 – 2015

This weekend came with two new releases and not a whole lot of surprises in terms of the Box Office. We had the notoriously bad/average director, M. Night Shyamalan’s latest film ‘The Visit’ release… Continue reading

BREAKING – First Official Trailer for the Horror Comedy ‘KRAMPUS’ has landed

The first trailer for ‘Krampus’, a Horror Comedy that follows a family on christmas being hunted down in their home by the mythical creature Krampus has dropped and it is both slightly funny… Continue reading

Weekend Box Office – September 4-6 – 2015

This week we have yet another ridiculously low earning weekend with no film managing to make over $10M at the box office. We are in desperate need of a really big film to come out… Continue reading

Movie Review: SAN ANDREAS – Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Disaster Film – 2015

San Andreas is a disaster film dealing with yet another earthquake, and a tsunami, and follows a family who always seems to get themselves out of the tightest of situations. So in other… Continue reading

Movie Review: ENTOURAGE – Comedy – 2015

Entourage brings back the cast from the TV show of the same name for another adventure in the entertainment industry. Firstly i gotta say that i didn’t actually watch the show and have… Continue reading

Movie Review: STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON – N.W.A Biopic – Ice Cube, Dr Dre

This is one of the best films of the year, that is all. Straight Outta Compton was just absolutely fucking incredible. It was a biopic that told the story of how NWA came… Continue reading

Movie Review: SELF/LESS – Ryan Reynolds Sci-fi disappointment…

Self/Less is a sci-fi thriller that i was really looking forward to seeing for two reasons, one being that i usually like Ryan Reynolds work, ‘usually’….. and the main reason being that this… Continue reading

Weekend Box Office – August 28-30 – 2015

WOW, just wow, i cannot wait to talk about the numbers this week because there are some pretty big things to talk about. This week features a disaster opening, a good opening, and an… Continue reading

Movie Review: SOUTHPAW – Jake Gyllenhaal KILLS IT!!!!

Southpaw is a Boxing Drama starring one of, if not THE BEST character actors of today Jake Gyllenhaal. Now, boxing dramas have been around forever, and there are a tonne of them, some… Continue reading

Opening This Week – August 28-30 – 2015

This week we have only two films getting major releases, one of which i am looking forward to checking out and the other that i couldn’t care less about. The two films releasing… Continue reading