Opening This Week – July 31 – August 2 – 2015


This week we have two major releases so lets kick off this weeks new releases with the biggest and most well known of the two properties; Mission Impossible Rogue Nation. Rogue Nation is the fifth instalment in this long running franchise that started way back in 1996. Every time they seem to outdo themselves in terms of the action and extreme stunts and this looks to be no different. You could ask, how are they going to top scaling the tallest building in the world? by having Tom Cruise hanging off the side of a plane. The franchise has become known for the extreme stunts and what makes them even more realistic is that Tom Cruise has chosen to do most of the stunts himself without a stunt double. I think that is crazy but he seems really dedicated to this franchise as he has stuck with it through every film. I liked the trailer, it shows us what we can expect, lots and lots of fast paced action, so sign me up because this looks to be one of the biggest movies of the summer. And with a cast including Simon Pegg and Jeremy Renner why wouldn’t you want to see this. Here is the trailer for you to enjoy:

Next up we have the followup? sequel? reboot? of the National Lampoons Vacation series titled ‘Vacation’. This appears to take place a while after the events of the last film in the series following the Gamily everyone loves to laugh at; The Griswolds. I am not the biggest fan of the National Lampoons Vacation series but of those that i have seen, they were pretty funny movies and after seeing the trailer for this film (Red Band) i have to say this also looks to bring in a lot of laughs. You have Ed Helms and Christina Applegate leading the film also starring Chris Hemsworth and Leslie Mann so they have the star studded cast down and all of these actors have shown that they can do comedy really well. Nothing else i can really say about this film other than it is a comedy and if you watch the trailer below, you know what you are going to get.

So that is all for this weeks new releases, only two but you have two huge franchise films to choose from, one high octane action flick and one family comedy, so which one are you going to go see this weekend?

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