Opening This Week – September 18-20 – 2015


Opening This Week is BACK after i believe a two week break as i was busy with work for University, but WHAT A WEEK to come back. This week we have quite a few big films releasing, all of which have had some very good buzz surrounding them recently so i can’t wait to get into these new releases. We have a couple based off true events, a sequel, and what i believe is an original film from what i know.

First off lets talk about what has been the most highly praised of the four new releases at film festivals and that film is ‘Black Mass’. It is a Crime film staring the incredibly talented Johnny Depp as criminal mob boss Whitey Bulger with co-stars Joel Edgerton, Benedict Cumberbatch, Dakota Johnson, and Kevin Bacon…. WOW what an incredible cast this film has (and it still may not be the best of the weekend). I personally cannot wait for this film, the trailer looks incredibly dark and intense and Johnny Depp doesn’t even look or sound like Johnny Depp, he appears to have completely transformed into this man and i cannot wait to see his performance. Check out the trailer below to see what i’m talking about.

Next up we have the Adventure Thriller titled ‘Everest’. And well, you guessed it, it is about a group of people making the incredibly treacherous journey up and down Mount Everest. This movie looks so intense and suspenseful and so damn real, whoever did the visual effects on this film looks to have done a great job at capturing the scale of this mountain and the dangers they face. Of course, you cannot have a film about climbing everest without some disasters along the way and this looks to have emotion as well as some great adventure set-pieces. On top of the fantastic trailer it has an incredibly fantastic cast too so strap in because it may take a bit. In this film is Jason Clarke, Josh Brolin, Emily Watson, Keira Knightley, Sam Worthington, and the wickedly talented Jake Gyllenhaal. If you have read some of my Gyllenhaal film reviews you would know that the standout name in this cast for me is Jake Gyllenhaal who has had no problem at adjusting perfectly to any role thrown at him. His talents along with the rest of the cast and the great trailer below make me really excited for this film.

Next up we have the book adaptation that is also a sequel to last years ‘The Maze Runner’ titled ‘The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials’. I was one who was actually pretty surprised about how good The Maze Runner was. I thought it was going to be another throwaway adaptation of a young adult novel but i was pleasantly surprised. The film had good characters and an interesting plot that kept me interested throughout the whole film, and a twist that i thought was hinted at a little too much but still shocking. I didn’t like the blatant setup of the sequel at the end of the last film but after seeing this trailer it looks like it is going to be a promising sequel. It has all of the returning cast with the addition of ‘Game of Thrones” Aiden Gillen who i am interested in seeing away from Westeros. If you didn’t like the first film, you probably won’t like this as it looks like a very similar tone. Trailer Below.

Next up we have a film that is only releasing in limited release this week before its expanded release next week titled ‘Sicario’. The film stars Emily Blunt, Benico Del Toro, and Josh Brolin and is an Action Crime film taking place i believe in Mexico and also looks very fucking intense. Emily Blunt has proved she can kick ass in ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ i can’t wait to see what she does in this film. I will cover the film more next week once it gets a wide release, but incase it is screening at a theatre near you this week here is the trailer.

Lastly i want to just briefly mention another film releasing in limited theatres and VoD that i wouldn’t actually mind seeing called ‘Cooties’. The film stars Elijah Wood and is written by Leigh Whannell and is a Horror Comedy that takes a school full of kids and imagines a world where cooties is a virus that affects kids pre-puberty and turns them into blood hungry zombies. Sounds dumb right? But it really does look insanely funny and at times scary so i am going to be checking this out and i hope some of you do to.

So that is all for a packed return for Opening this Week, there is a lot to choose from as all of these films i believe are going to be very good (hopefully) and i believe Everest, The Scorch Trials, Black Mass, and even Sicario will all break into the top 5 over the weekend. Only way to find that out is to follow this blog so you get an update when my Weekend Box Office post goes live, Bye.

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