Movie Review: MAZE RUNNER: THE SCORCH TRIALS – Bigger, Better, More Action Packed


The Scorch Trials is the sequel to last years pleasant surprise ‘The Maze Runner’ and the big question was whether the last film was just a fluke or whether there is actually some interesting stories to be told in this world. And i have to say that the first film was not a fluke as this movie lives up to what the first first film set it up to be. There was more action, more thrills, different tones, and it was a more fast paced film than the first. The movie kicks off literally right where the first film cut to black so it felt good to just get on with the story as oppose to stopping to catch us up on what has happened since the last one ended. Unfortunately though, you don’t really learn a whole lot more about the overarching story in this film, whatever questions you had after the first film don’t really get answered, they only give you a whole lot more questions to think about while you wait for the final instalment. The elements of mystery are still there, although they aren’t the main driver of the film like in the first, they are pushed aside for a more action packed sequel which really worked.


The fast paced action sequences were in full force for this entire film, the film kept on moving from place to place offering a range of different exciting and fun action scenes where you always felt that the stakes were high. There were some intense gun battles that were chaotic and then you have some different action scenes that were a lot darker than the rest of the film. They were very horror like themes that got pretty freaky at times and i was pleasantly surprised by how dark it got more than once. This variety is what kept me engaged in the film. The film does slow down on occasion to introduce some new characters, sorry, i mean a lot of new characters. Every 20-30 minutes you hear of this new objective that ultimately leads to more and more new characters, i understand that they are trying to build this world but they crammed so much into this film.


Driving this film were the characters, some of which you can remember from the last film and the actors again put in strong convincing performances. Even many of the new supporting cast were interesting and you really get to know them and get behind them, or really really hate them. Giancarlo Esposito and Aidan Gillen were great additions to the film and brought in some very interesting characters that play big parts in the film. One other minor thing i have to mention is the inability for the film-makers to end a Maze Runner movie well. Like the first film this one felt like it was going to end like 3-4 times before it actually decided to end and even when it did end it was very abrupt. Some people may like this but it makes the films feel like one long continuous story that has been broken up into three parts and released separately, i would rather three individual stories that all link but that’s just me, not really an issue.

In the end, this was a well made sequel that proved this series isn’t just a crappy version of The Hunger Games. It was more fast paced and action packed and offered a lot more variety of different themes than the first film and may just sneak past it in terms of which is better. – 7.4

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