Movie Review: Sisters (2015) – Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are Hilarious


Tina Fey and Amy Poehler headline this comedy about two sisters who decide to throw one last party in their childhood home before it is sold, and as you can expect, not everything goes as planned. I was pleasantly surprised by this film, only because the initial trailer that came out was absolute GARBAGE, and i thought this would secure a place on my worst of 2015 list. But Fey and Poehler really were the ones holding this film together, they are both really hilarious and watching their back and forth comedic moments were the highlights of the film. In terms of the laughs, there was an alright amount, 98% of which were delivered by Fey and Poehler, and the rest were rare one-offs from secondary characters. The first half of the film is where most of the jokes were successful and then as the film went on there were less of them and they weren’t as funny. This film also managed to incorporate themes and messages involving family and all that stuff which i liked for the most part.


The main thing to note is that i can not see this movie working with anyone else other than Fey and Poehler. Their positive chemistry and the way they are able to bounce jokes off each other (some of which were most likely improv) really carried this film and provided some really enjoyable moments. Such as, if you had Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara you would have a completely unfunny borefest, besides, who would put them two in a buddy comedy anyway? *cough* Hot Pursuit…… If you like the comedy that you have seen from the two of them in the past such as on SNL or when they hosted the Golden Globes, you will definitely get more of that in this film. One thing that was quite noticeable in the film were the comedic moments that were delivered and probably developed by Fey and Poehler and those that were written for the other characters. While the ‘Sisters’ offered their fair share of laughs, the secondary characters really didn’t do much. There were one or two moments that got me, but it was probably down to the fact that all of the secondary characters were cliche caricatures of the types of people you see in most other comedies.


As i mentioned though, in the second half of the film, when the party has gone on for a while, the film started to go downhill to the point where the last 15 to 20 minutes was just tacked on and felt so forced, it did take me out of it. You could notice that they were starting to run out of ideas of things to do at the party that hadn’t been done in every other house party comedy. It got a little chaotic and that may be what they were going for but it took away from the comedy of Fey and Poehler and wasn’t as enjoyable as the rest of the film. Also they try to put a dramatic spin on the film that was there the whole time, but it was playing second fiddle to the overall idea of a house party for adults. So stuff happens simply to thrust the dramatic and thematic elements to the forefront and wrap things up quickly. It felt so forced and thrown onto the end of this movie that it almost seemed like the director was like to Fey and Poehler “you’ve had your fun, now to end the film my way” and so you get a generic uninteresting cliche moral ending….. great. I know they wanted some sort of dramatic plot device but the way it was tacked on made no sense and should have been handled a lot better.


In the end ‘Sisters’ is simply a showcase of the comedy from Tina Fey and Amy Poehler and their back and forth chemistry that makes their content so enjoyable. They provide a good amount of laughs that make the first half of the film quite enjoyable, but as it drops off towards the end it wasn’t as enjoyable and ended with some moral crap that you didn’t want or need. So see it if you really want to but there’s better stuff out there.



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