Movie Review: DEADPOOL (2016) – Amazing from start to finish


Ever since that initial test footage ‘leaked’ over a year and a half ago i have been waiting for this day, and it has finally arrived. Led by the BEST marketing campaign for a film ever, it was my most anticipated film of 2016. And you know what? Fuck my birthday, February will forever be known as the month of Deadpool.

In previous years, my most anticipated movie of the year has not ended up being my favourite movie of the year. Whether it’s because of my unrealistic expectations, it just doesn’t deliver, or something else better comes out, it has never happened. Well, that may change in 2016 because this movie was everything i wanted from a Deadpool movie plus more, a lot more. If something does end up topping Deadpool this year, it’s gonna have to be a fucking epic movie. But anyway, this movie was beyond amazing from the very minute it starts right through to the end of the credits. Every damn second of this film was just incredible. The film is jam packed with an extremely high amount of jokes and very clever references, you cant go 3 minutes without Deadpool doing something to crack you up. Some were subtle and some were just blatantly obvious, and they all had be crying of laughter every damn time, it was just so much fun. One minute he’s blowing people’s brains out, then he cracks a few jokes, and goes back to cutting heads and impaling bad guys, it was insane.


The extreme level of humour and action and the way Director Tim Miller was able to balance the two together so elegantly was astounding. To put it simply, this blend was perfect. The action was exactly what you’d expect to see, it was violent, bloody, and just so damn entertaining. Just seeing Deadpool shoot and cut his way through bad guys was so rewarding in every scene. This type of violence, and especially this form of fourth-wall breaking humour is something amazingly unique to the character of Deadpool. You cannot replicate these tones and this very unique style of humour in any other film, the character of Deadpool is the only reason this film can do that and it works on so many levels. The way the film balances the action and the humour, with the romance and the more story driven scenes was always fun to watch, because what Miller did was blend them all. You don’t have many set actions scenes over here, and romantic scenes over there, and comedic scenes somewhere else that they go back and forth between. The scenes pretty much all meld 2 or more of those tones or themes and it feels like something you have never seen before.


But seriously, i can now confirm that Ryan fucking Reynolds was born to play Deadpool, he was created with the intention that he would one day be the merc with a mouth on the big screen (NO X-MEN ORIGINS DOES NOT COUNT, DUH). The guy nails every scene and doesn’t even for a second drop out of character. Just watching this film, you can tell he has so much love for the property and this character because of the amount of effort he put in to get this film right. He had been pushing this idea to Fox for many many years and to finally see it be made, and be this amazing shows all of his work paid off. But it wasn’t only Deadpool who was hilarious, even T.J. Miller who i don’t usually find that funny had me in stitches on multiple occasions. He really could have been a terrible, forced side character just thrown in there for a few gags, but he was just one of a million highlights from the film. Morena Baccarin was fantastic as the love interest and only added to the film during her scenes. And Ed Skrein, you redeemed yourself after Transporter Refuelled, great job. He was a fantastic villain, one of the best we’ve seen in comic book films to date, he was funny, badass and wasn’t just there to give Deadpool someone to fight, which i loved.


For those of you who somehow do not know, as you see in the trailers, this film is connected to the X-Men universe. One thing i was wondering was how they were going to go about this in the film, were they going to just give a little nod, or were they going to try and hammer it into our skulls over and over. All i’ll say here is that they connected it to the expanded universe with perfection, no dramas.

So in the end, you may be asking who this film is for….. Well if you like Action films, Comedies, Romantic films, Romantic Comedies, Superhero films, Origin stories, Adventure films, or Sci-Fi Fantasy films (so pretty much everyone) you will love this movie. This movie is as i said, for everyone, but it is definitely not family friendly by any stretch of the imagination. Sorry kids, i’m sure Kung-fu Panda 3 still has some tickets left over.


Yeh thats right, i just did that.

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