Movie Review: KUNG FU PANDA 3 – Still fun after 3 films


Kung Fu Panda 3 is the third film in the successful franchise and caps off what is a surprisingly quite enjoyable series of films. The first film was a huge success and loved by families and kids everywhere, the second one for me was a slight step down but still alright and this film was actually a good amount of fun. At the third film is where you start to see most franchises getting very repetitive, and while the film follows a similar base plot from start to finish, it still offers a new experience that sets it aside from other animated films. The plot was basic, easy to follow and enjoyable, the humour was there, and the character performances were once again very fun.


In terms of the plot, as i mentioned it was very easy to follow, it had the good guys, the evil threat, and other real world themes that make the film relatable to people watching. Having the main target audience of young kids, they didn’t need to make anything complex, they just had to please them and give something for the families to enjoy, and they did that well. It does have sections that are not as eventful as the rest of the film but overall the pacing was at a nice steady pace. Humour-wise the film delivered, i laughed a number of times throughout the film, it did have its fair share of humour that was directed at the kids but overall there was a good amount to keep me engaged. At this point, you know whats going to happen and how the film is going to end, but you won’t enjoy it any less.

The thing i love the most about this franchise is the voice talent involved, and how every actor/actress gives each character a very unique personality that makes them all very unique. You already have Jack Black, Dustin Hoffman, Jackie Chan, Angelina Jolie, Seth Rogan, Lucy Liu, Kate Hudson, and David Cross in there, so by adding Bryan Cranston and J.K Simmons it only makes the film so much better. Simmons especially i thought was fantastic as the villain and he was a really cool villain.


So in the end, this was quite an enjoyable film that is a lot of fun i think for the whole family. Easy plot, good performances, and some humour make this a pretty good film. It’s just now dawning on me that this was a better movie than Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice, would i rather watch BvS? Of course, but in terms of a film that succeeded in doing what it set out to do, this takes the cake.


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