‘GHOSTBUSTERS’ (2016) Movie review – Talk about unexpected…


HOLY SHIT, well this may just be the biggest turnaround of the year, fuck it, of the decade. I have been shitting on this movie for ages, and for good reason… No, not because the Ghostbusters are female (the morons who complain about that are absolute scum), but because every trailer and every piece of promotional material has reeked of desperation, been completely unfunny, and had me believing this was going to be one of the worst movies of the year. And then after walking out of this screening, i could not believe that the movie that had been advertised like shit all year i actually liked. I was so convinced from the promotional material that this was going to suck, i hoped it would be good, but lets be real here, i had absolutely no faith in this film. But despite all that, this reboot prevailed, it was very funny, had very likeable characters, a serviceable plot that dropped out a couple times but was still decent, and stands on it’s own quite well.


My biggest worry going into this film was that the humour was going to suck, as every damn joke in the trailers was unfunny, stupid and sigh-worthy. Now, in the film almost all of those jokes still did not work but some were slightly more effective once put in context. But they really did throw the worst jokes from the film into the trailers… Was that intentional or not? Was is a good thing or not? Two questions we may never get the answer to, but who cares, the final product was successful in terms of comedy. All of the main characters were funny, yes even Leslie Jones who looked terrible in the trailers did fine, and shit, Melissa McCarthy was funny too….. this coming from someone who doesn’t find her funny in the slightest. Even some of the supporting characters get jokes in here and there that are also quite funny. But for me, Kate McKinnon and Chris Hemsworth steal the show in terms of humour, and both with different kinds of humour. Kevin (Chris Hemsworth) was more of a purely comic relief caricature that was there just for the laughs, and plenty of laughs there were. Whereas Holtzmann (Kate McKinnon) was just a very fun, quirky, hilarious character that brightened up almost every scene she was in with her bouncing energy. Tip for Ghostbusters 2; More Holtzmann…..


The comedy also stays very consistent throughout the film, it drops the ball a little in the beginning of the third act but overall there are plenty of jokes to get you through the film. There were a good amount of misses but jokes are fired at you every second scene so you barely notice the unfunny ones. There were some cool yet brief supernatural horror elements in the film which i really appreciated and was very effective. In terms of the plot of the film i thought it paced itself quite well, it doesn’t necessarily slow down and maintains a steady relatively fast pace the whole way through. The beginning of the third act was a little average, it looked like it was starting to delve into the film we had seen in the trailers but then it finishes off quite strong. The film does have a villain of sorts whose main purpose is just to propel the plot forward and get us to the end, but really he did get too much screen time. He didn’t get a lot of screen time, but considering he was an uninteresting character, he didn’t add to the humour at all, and he contributed to the most uninteresting parts of the film you could have cut his 2 minute long scenes down to 30 seconds, it’s all we needed.


So in the end much to my surprise this was a very enjoyable movie, SUCK IT HATERS……. wait, that’s me…… The characters are very likeable and very funny, the supernatural elements were quite cool to see and it was an all round very positive film. It touches on the nostalgic elements set by the 1984 classic but also paves the way for a new Ghostbusters franchise, and one that i do want to see. Paul Feig directed this film really well and got the most out of his main cast which was good to see. And don’t forget to look out for cameos from a majority of the original Ghostbusters cast, some very good ones. Also, there is a post credits scene, if you know the original Ghostbusters film well, then it is worth staying for, but if you don’t know the original film then you won’t get much out of it. And on a side note, i usually dislike 3D, but the 3D in this film was used very very well. So, when this film comes out this week, definitely give it a chance, it isn’t bad as you may think it is, i was wrong and you may be too….. gotta have hope.


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