‘SAUSAGE PARTY’ (2016) Movie Review – “Disney Pixar presents…….”


I think you should have gathered by now that sausage party is one animated movie that is definitely not for kids, unless of course you aim is to scar them for life, which in that case screen it at a 10th birthday party. Also a bit of a disclaimer, if the mutilation and dismemberment of food products is too much for you to bare, then suck it up and remember when you next eat food, that they have feelings too. Starring Seth Rogen, Salma Hayek, Bill Hader and loads more big name actors, this animated comedy promised plenty of humour, tonnes of bad language, and many offensive jokes. And for the most part it delivered with plenty of humour, a lot of bad language, and a good amount of very dirty, offensive comedy that really was great to laugh at. The film does include a story, albeit a very loose one, but it does really work for this film. A series of events and comedic moments guide the characters to various locations where you can get in a couple of good jokes and then move on. The fast moving pace also helped this film a lot.


One of the biggest questions i had going into the film was just how far they would go with the crude jokes and offensive humour. Now where some stuff here and there was a little tame, there are many moments where they really go for it and it makes for some of the funniest or memorable moments of the film. Not everything is just sex jokes and offensive stuff, as expected you have your fair share of food related puns and innocent stuff like that……. but for the most part you’re gonna get sex jokes. The film as a whole was pretty pretty, which is very good but i was expecting something that was a little more consistent. If you look at the film in sections, there are a lot of parts that are mildly funny for a period of time, but there are also many sections that are absolutely hilarious. One sequence in particular later on in the film is so outrageous and just so amazingly funny that it is by far the funniest scene of the year and one of the best scenes in general of the year so far. It really elevated my enjoyment of the film. I have to note that there were never any long sections of time where i wasn’t enjoying the film, some parts could have been condensed but there was never a dull moment.

Not every joke hit but i can tell you now that if you think you saw the funniest parts of the film in the trailer, then you are just about as wrong as you can be. A lot of those moments in the trailer are the more tame jokes, they saved all of the good stuff for the actual film. And for those of you who aren’t fans of Rogen’s humour, he still wrote the film but this was more of a toned down version of his humour in terms of how much was delivered by him. A lot of that style of humour was delivered by every other character and it worked a lot more like that than it would have if he delivered everything.


I also have to mention that the representation of these characters and how they manage to apply human features and gender to lifeless food products is just great and it makes every character feel very unique and memorable in their own distinct ways. Just a small detail that added to the film overall. The animation is very good but it isn’t anything you would find in a ‘Dixar’ film. The voice talent in this film was also great across the board, who they chose for each character fit perfectly and made me think that if Twinkies could talk, that is exactly what they would sound like. The story as i said was more of a way of getting characters from one scenario to another so that was fine but the villain they incorporated into the film wasn’t really that great. Not going to spoil anything but that was the one character who apart from maybe one or two moments was reusing the same joke over and over and wasn’t that funny. The way they decided to swap back and forth between different characters’ adventures was an odd choice. You will see what i mean once you have seen the film where some transitions worked and some were oddly placed, it even pulls a ‘Walking Dead’ on us at one point.


So in the end this is a film fun for the whole family, kids and all… Plenty of great laughs throughout, and the easiest way to teach kids about sex…. with buns and sausages. The film could have been a little more consistently funny but the big hilarious moments do a good job in making you forget that the last 5 minutes was kind of just decent. Definitely worth the watch and one of the better comedies of the year.






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