BAD MOMS (2016) MOVIE REVIEW – ‘Sisters’ starring Kristen Bell, Kathryn Hahn, and a Brick Wall…


‘Bad Moms’ is a Comedy starring Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, Kathryn Hahn, and Christina Applegate and follows three overly stressed mothers who band together and stray away from their usual busy schedules to have some fun and enjoy some freedom. Nothing about this film was at all worth anticipating as there really was nothing in the trailers to separate it from other cliche comedies starring a band of females as the leads. But, it does have the occasional patches of humour throughout, a straightforward plot with some decent messages and overall ended up being an ok film with a structure that is 100% predictable from beginning to end. So predicable in fact, that if you swap the character relationships from Mothers to Sisters and the style of humour from The Hangover’s to Tina Fey’s style i cannot tell the difference between this movie and ‘Sisters’ (2015). Seriously though, in both films a group of women set out to change the stereotypes surrounding them, featuring; family problems, supermarket scenes, the hot guy, the bitchy rival, a house party, and family bonding. IT’S THE SAME FUCKING MOVIE.


As far as the main trio go i thought Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn were really funny, providing most of the humour in the film and they just had really good chemistry together. Mila Kunis on the other hand was about as effective as a walking brick wall. I mean, you feel for the character and root for her simply because of the tough situation she is in every day, but she was emotionally blank, and i got no humour out of her character alone. She was more of a device or an instigator just to get humour out of the other supporting characters in the film. Christina Applegate plays the Maya Rudolph character from Sisters and she was a character you just want to punch right in the face every scene… Which means she played the role effectively, and apart from being a cut and paste character i’ve got no complaints. Jada Pinkett Smith and Annie Mumolo served no other purpose in the film other than to add comedic value as Applegate’s sidekicks. Why you need characters whose purpose is strictly comedic value in here is beyond me, but they were occasionally slightly funny so it worked.


The story here was nothing special, as i mentioned it goes where you think it is going to go and it doesn’t try to pull any surprises. But at the same time it wasn’t a bad one, it worked for Sisters so why wouldn’t it work here? Sure it loses some of that engagement because you have seen it before but i didn’t have any striking issues with the way the story went. It was well paced, there is a little bit of downtime before the third act of the film but other that that it takes you along pretty smoothly. The film does incorporate some kinda thoughtful messages in the film about Moms, education, and stereotypes surrounding middle aged women but i never felt overwhelmed like the film was repeatedly bashing me over the head these ideas.


So in the end you get nothing new from this film especially if you did see Sisters last year. The walking, talking plank of wood known as Mila Kunis is overshadowed greatly in this film by her hilarious co-stars and mildly funny supporting cast. I get she was the most ‘normal’ one in the group but if she had also contributed to the humour equally this could have been a good film. So in the end i can’t recommend checking out this film but if you have exhausted most other options you can check this out and survive with some good occasional humour.


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