‘TWIN PEAKS’ (2017) Season 3 Episode 15 – TV Review – We Say An Emotional Goodbye To A Beloved Character…

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Episode 15 i would say was a pretty unique one, the first half or so of the episode is taken up by two lengthy storylines, one of which is incredible from start to finish and the other is a cheese-fest 25 years too late. The latter half seems to jump around quite a bit to a number of big moments that will need some breaking down. Overall though this episode highly features themes of love and death where we cover a few of the romances that have been blossoming or imploding this season and we say a final farewell to one of the most beloved characters on the show.


The episode opens up with Nadine taking her gold shit-digging shovel for a walk over to her current husband Ed Hurley at his gas station. She talks about how she has been a bitch to him all these years and that thanks to Dr Amp and his gold shit-digging shovel she is shovelling herself out of the shit and setting things straight. The first thing she does is finally set Ed free, ending their marriage after so damn long and lets him finally go after Norma Jennings…. his one true love. Hallelujah! cried the audience as we are on track to finally seeing Ed and Nadine formally together. The look on Ed’s face as he struts into the diner is one of relief and joy and as he goes to confess his love to Norma, David Lynch puts an end to it as Walter walks in and steals his thunder. At this point i was just as devastated as Ed, the guy can’t catch a break so he just sits at the diner and orders a coffee and cyanide tablet……….. wise choice my friend. But then it turns out Lynch was just messing with us as Norma makes up her mind, ending things with Walter and satisfyingly making out with Ed……. now a soon to be married couple….

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Now we get into the longest and most incredible storyline development in the episode. Following brief shaking images of powerlines we follow Evil Cooper still driving to his next destination. We soon realise that his next destination is the convenience store seen in episode 8 where all of the Woodsmen were running (or teleporting) around. One of the Woodsmen is waiting for him outside and leads him up a flight of stairs where they both disappear…… a very common event this season. They appear inside a room where another Woodsman waits, upon being asked for the location of Phillip Jeffries, the Woodsman flicks a switch and shaking images of the Jumping Man appear for a few seconds. Fans of Twin Peaks will recognise the Jumping Man (red suit, white mask, long nose) from Fire Walk With Me during the meeting between The Arm and BOB where he got his name from the fact that he jumps on and off a box in the scene. What an insane sentence i just wrote…… but that’s Twin Peaks for you.

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He is then guided further into the house by Woodsmen, down a hallway, then outside to a courtyard surrounded by a number of apartments. He walks over to a locked room and a mysterious woman shows up and unlocks the door for Evil Cooper before leaving. Inside the room is more or less nothing, other than a flicking light giving the scene some epileptic ambiance. Soon enough, the wall opens up to reveal a hidden room with a large kettle inside it. But before you can inquire about the significance of the kettle, it speaks, and you find out that it is in fact Phillip Jeffries……. not in human form obviously, in kitchen appliance form i guess (or maybe he is trapped inside the kettle). Evil Cooper and Jeffries have an interesting conversation that lasts a decent while. Cooper asks why Jeffries sent Ray to kill him and he learns that it wasn’t Jeffries, and it also wasn’t Jeffries who called Evil Cooper earlier this season. Then the conversation turns towards talking about Judy, the mysterious woman whose name has been thrown around by Jeffries multiple times in Twin Peaks history.

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Evil Cooper inquires as to why Jeffries doesn’t want to talk about her and who exactly she is. Jeffries answers by summoning numbers that appear in the steam emitting from the kettle. Jeffries continues to talk and according to him, Evil Cooper has already met Judy before and that he should ask her himself. Then the phone in the room mysteriously rings as Philip Jeffries disappears into thin air. Evil Cooper answers the phone and before a conversation with the caller can begin he is teleported back outside the convenience store where he still has not learned the identity of Judy, and neither have we. This Jeffries interaction was great but what would have made it better was if it was actually David Bowie in the role, due to his unfortunate passing the voice of Jeffries was instead played by Nathan Frizzell. Outside the convenience store ultimate douchebag Richard Horne holds a gun up at Evil Cooper before being disarmed and dropped swiftly. After interestingly notifying Cooper that his mother is Audrey Horne Richard is forced to get in Cooper’s car where the conversation to follow i’m sure will be very interesting.

When they leave the convenience store more lights and sparks go off in the convenience store producing a shitload of smoke right before the entire store also disappears into thin air.

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Now we get to the second half of the episode which checks in with a tonne of storylines giving us some pretty short yet eventful updates. We first come across Steven and Gersten who are hiding out in the woods while Steven is stoned and wielding a gun. When they get seen by a man walking his dog Gersten flees and we hear a gunshot go off alluding to the fact that Steven probably just killed himself. As a deep cut for Twin Peaks fans, the man walking his dog was actually Cyril Pons, an ex news reporter played by Twin Peaks writer/director Mark Frost. This short scene was actually very intense and psychologically messed up with the incorporation of a haunting score. Then we get a continuation of James Hurley’s story as he and green glove man Freddie go to the Roadhouse to talk to Renee. The guy’s sitting next to Renee don’t appreciate him talking to them so they start beating the shit out of him. And then in comes Freddie saving the day by punching them straight in the face with his Iron Fist, essentially sending them straight into a seizure. The bullet sound effect on his punches by the way is a hilarious addition to the scene.

In Las Vegas the detectives office successfully brings in Dougie Jones for questioning…. or so they thought. But as it turns out they have the wrong Douglas Jones, a family littered with annoying, screaming kids. Now we cut back to Mr Todd who is just about to order one of his men to find Anthony after his failure to kill Dougie Jones, but before he can Chantal Hutchens swiftly enters the room and blows his brains out without hesitation…… And there goes that character. Back in Twin Peaks Sheriff’s Department James Hurley and Freddie are being escorted into cells after their Roadhouse brawl. They join Chad, Naido, and the mimicking drunk, who is still repeating shit and driving Chad insane.

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Back at the Jones household we get a scene that escalates very quickly from a nothing scene to a great scene that could mean big things for the remaining three episodes. The scene opens with Dougie being served a nice looking slice of cake. While watching him eat his cake for an unbroken extended period of time we get to see Dougie mess with objects on the table in between bites. First he moves the salt shaker slightly to the right, then he presses a single button on the TV remote, then he presses two buttons on the TV remote (we are making progress). Finally he presses another button on the TV remote that happens to be the on button and the 1950 film ‘Sunset Boulevard’ starts playing. But just when you think this is still just a random scene, a character in the film calls for another character coincidentally known as “Gordon Cole”. The mentioning of this name sparked a shocked reaction in Dougie that seemingly bought forth some of the real Agent Cooper’s memories. Dougie then crawls towards the powerpoint emitting a sparking sound and being the smart man he is, he sticks a fork into it electrocuting himself. Could this finally be the moment we have all been waiting for? The moment that fully awakens the real Agent Cooper? Or will David Lynch troll us and kill Agent Cooper right there?….

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Next up we get to the real emotional moments of this episode where we say a final goodbye to the infamous and beloved Margaret also known as the Log Lady. Firstly she calls up Hawk and the first words out of her mouth are “I’m dying”……. this really hit home, especially when you consider the state of Catherine Coulson’s health at the time. She continues to have a conversation with Hawk that is addressing us, the audience, just as much as it is addressing Hawk. She mentions that dying is just a change, and not an end, something we have seen a lot of in this season of Twin Peaks alone. Then Margaret tells Hawk to remember what she told him when they were still able to speak face to face. “Watch out for that one, the one i told you about, the one under the moon on Blue Pine mountain”. This was an incredibly sad scene that ends with Margaret saying goodnight, not just to Hawk, but to all of us…… and it means so much. Then we get Bobby, Andy, Lucy, Frank, and Hawk who come together in the meeting room to mourn over the news that Margaret has just past away. Meanwhile we see the light in her cabin slowly die out in a final tribute to Catherine Coulson……. i didn’t expect to cry today.

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And here we go again, the episode closes out with yet another Audrey Horne scene and it looks like they are finally going to leave the setting of their house. But nope, their arguing continues, and continues, and continues and they don’t end up leaving the house. Instead Audrey’s rage finally builds up and she tackles her husband to the couch in anger. Hopefully this means we don’t need to deal with him again this season. This was a great episode that was both very fast paced but also very important with the amount of pretty major developments made with a number of the storylines. Phillip Jeffries returned, and although it wasn’t David Bowie we still got a little more progress towards possibly finding out who Judy is….. but probably not. And now all i want to see is what comes of Dougie Jones and if Cooper will finally get his memories back remembering the man he once was.



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