‘GAME OVER, MAN!’ (2018) Movie Review – Entirely Unfunny and a Chore to Watch


From the minds behind Workaholics comes this Netflix original action/comedy about a trio of waiters who become unlikely heroes when their hotel is taken over by terrorists. The film stars Adam Devine, Anders Holm, and Blake Anderson in the lead roles and amazingly there is barely a funny moment between the three of them. This is a film created by and starring a number of comedically talented individuals but between the countless dick jokes, slapstick and lowbrow humour I was constantly contemplating shutting it off and relieving myself of the torture. It’s a painful watch and it only gets worse as joke after joke fall completely flat regardless of whether they’re being delivered by a main or supporting cast member. It sets up an interesting premise and the plot itself isn’t actually that bad, it’s the fact that there’s no good humour to compliment it and create any level of enjoyment.


Devine, Holm, and Anderson obviously have a tonne of experience working together and it does show in the way their characters interact here. When it comes to the comedy or even some of the more character-centric moments it feels like they’re all on the same page creatively which is about the only positive I can give them. The delivery of the humour is fine I guess but it’s just that the humour being delivered isn’t funny in the slightest. You can see a number of jokes coming a mile away with some blatantly obvious setup so when they hit it’s more of a sigh moment than a funny one. I honestly didn’t laugh once in the entire movie and the closest I got was during a couple of very mildly amusing moments from Aya Cash who plays a worker at the hotel. The humour she’s given to deliver aren’t that funny but her subtle delivery makes the jokes actually sort of work. But I mean, the dick jokes….. one or maybe even two well executed ones would be enough but no, around every corner is another dick joke just lurking and they’re all awful. And there’s gore weirdly injected into some action oriented scenes and slapstick moments here and there and most of the time it doesn’t fit. There’s one specific moment where a mans face gets sliced up in a deli meat slicer and tonally it’s so far away from everything else it’s rather disgusting.

And it’s a shame that the humour is nonexistent because the story itself and the way it progresses isn’t actually that bad. It’s not overtly original but it progresses at a quick enough pace and does things to where I’m watching this and thinking to myself that I should be at least somewhat enjoying what’s happening but I can’t. The lack of comedy is such a buzzkill it drains the enjoyment out of every other aspect of the film to where it’s genuinely hard to swallow [If they can force in 23 dick jokes I’m allowed to use one]. I honestly don’t know what else to say about this film, the comedic talent is there both in front and behind the camera but none of that talent translates on screen and it’s a shame. It’s just an all round bad action/comedy with no enjoyment to be had, at least for me.


I won’t recommend this movie to anyone unless I’m trying to inflict pain on them by having them sit through this absolute borefest. Start to finish every joke is a horrible miss and I’m going to credit my resilience here as no matter how much I wanted to just shut thing off I stuck with it just so I could pump out this review informing you not to check it out. But look, maybe fans of Workaholics can get more out of the humour here than I did and if that’s the case, awesome. But even then I guarantee there are a number of much better action comedies just as easily accessible as this disaster.


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