Season 4 of FULLER HOUSE is fuller of fun, heart, and laughs

Who’d have thought that Fuller House which debuted on Netflix back in 2016 would live to see a fourth season? I wasn’t confident then but I’m over the moon that it has because this series is full of nothing but fun, laughs and smiles.

When it comes to cheesy over-the-top feel-good comedy there is no better series out there than Fuller House which has remained consistent with each season delivering exactly what the fans want every time. Do people act or react the way they do in the show? No. But if you let your guard down then there is an endless amount of fun to be had with each and every character. Coming off of season 3 which is my favourite so far I didn’t know if they could keep up the same consistency of jokes but they do it. Whether they’re cheesy puns, references to the original series (Full House), or subtle fourth-wall breaking celebrity cameos there’s a variety of good jokes in here to get the laughs going. Not everything garners a laugh but the jokes hit so often you won’t even notice the misses.

The charm of this series isn’t solely the silly humour, it’s that on top of the jokes the writers leave plenty of room for genuine heartfelt emotional storylines and the occasional positive societal message. Almost each episode has a theme revolving around topics such as family, love, and friendship among others and it just creates a very positive atmosphere. You can’t watch this series and not have a smile on your face from the positivity radiating from each episode.

As with each of the previous seasons the season-long storylines are always on point and keep you watching through the 13 episode run. The episodic storylines are up and down, some better than others for sure but there is humour to come out of each one. It’s the characters who make this series what it is and whether you’re watching for the new or old group they’re all featured evenly throughout the season. As for the old crew, Candace Cameron Bure, Jodie Sweetin, and Andrea Barber (DJ, Stephanie, and Kimmy respectively) are still the core of every episode whether they’re the focus or not. Their interactions with each-other are the richest but also their chemistry with the rest of the younger cast are great too. The kids including Michael Campion (Jackson), Elias Harger (Max), and Soni Bringas (Ramona) have definitely grown on me more-so over the last two seasons and they have a number of great moments.

I have to give a specific mention to both Juan Pablo Di Pace (Fernando) and Adam Hagenbuch (Jimmy) this season because although they may not be as heavily in the forefront as some of the other characters they both had me laughing a considerable amount. Their connection this season seemed stronger and that led to more laughs from that duo. And of course Bob Saget (Danny), John Stamos (Jesse), Dave Coulier (Joey), and Lori Loughlin (Rebecca) pop in here and there for some brief comedic moments and their presence is just a blessing every time they show up. It’s not overdone either so when they do show up it garners a good cheer from the live audience.

In the end, as much as I praise this series it most certainly isn’t a show for everyone. At four seasons in it has found it knows what it is and there’s no shying away from it. If you enjoyed the previous seasons you’ll get a good kick out of this one. It’s more of the same but I guess sometimes more of the same isn’t a bad thing. It seems people are responding to it if Netflix hasn’t dropped it yet so here’s to hoping it survives for a season 5 next year.


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