FRACTURED (2019) is a solid mystery thriller with a formidable Sam Worthington performance

Sam Worthington dishes up another Netflix thriller following up 2018’s The Titan which made the top 3 in my Worst Films of 2018 list.

Fractured follows Ray Monroe (Sam Worthington), a father who admits his daughter to a nearby hospital, then after waiting a lengthy amount of time learns that there’s no record of his wife or daughter and they’ve seemingly vanished.

Fractured takes a fairly familiar concept and puts some interesting spins on it to make for an engaging story that captures your attention right through. There’s nothing revolutionary about this film and the story isn’t groundbreaking in any way, however, it is solid, well-paced and keeps you guessing right until the credits begin to roll. The mystery at the forefront is what gets everyone in, “what happened to his family”, and the film never loses sight of that. It doesn’t get distracted or go off on lengthy tangents, it cuts to the chase and lets you join Sam Worthington in finding his family.

Where the writing of the story is strong, the writing of the dialogue is not. The dialogue feels very contrived and unnatural throughout the entire film. It plays out as if the actors are reading lines off a script as oppose to reacting to the context of their respective scenes. It pulls you out of it a little, especially when some of the dialogue given to Worthington is pretty bland. However, Worthington manages to take the dialogue and more or less carry the entire mystery on his shoulders.

Character development is decent, which is a bit of a surprise considering the length of the story and the nature of what it is. There is a level of growth to Worthington’s character over the course of the film, now it may not be growth in the traditional sense but his mindset definitely changes through certain key moments, either for better or worse.

Sam Worthington is an actor who has gotten a bad rap recently for some of the films he’s appeared in, namely Terminator Salvation and the aforementioned The Titan. He has had some great performances recently proving he’s a talented actor when given the right script. He proves this here by captivating the audience with a formidable performance that brings you on this journey with him. Without his performance, this movie is a disaster. He makes the shabby dialogue entertaining and does a great job selling you on the unfathomable emotions his character is going through.

He’s supported by an ensemble cast of alright performances. No one else transforms the dialogue into something more like he does so they noticeably stand out as being not as engaging. That’s not the fault of the actors in question, they were just given some not-so-great dialogue to work with. Lily Rabe and Lucy Capri do make an emotional impact as his on-screen family. Their disappearance is the emotional driving force and they do a good job to get you to feel for their characters prior to going missing.

I will also mention the score which stood out in a number of scenes, adding to the overall shady atmosphere surrounding the hospital. I quite liked how it enhanced many scenes in the film, especially when things began to pick up speed in the third act

Fractured is a solid mystery thriller headlined by a strong Sam Worthington performance and a well developed story that is entertaining the whole way through. The dialogue doesn’t do much to help it and there are a couple of nit-picks regarding the logic of some characters’ actions, but on the whole this makes for a decent watch, perfect for the Netflix platform.


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