Season 2 of Netflix’s INSATIABLE is (unsurprisingly) just as insufferable as its first season

Netflix is known for producing a number quality shows and films that make the streaming platform the most popular in the world, you then also have shows like Insatiable that exist for some unknown reason where dumb people like me sit through all 10 episodes of this train wreck.

Season 2 of Insatiable sees Patty Bladell (Debby Ryan) dealing with with the ghosts of her past, battling her inner demons and overcoming some of the shocking events that take place over the 10-episode run. This season is no more focused than the first season, with 72 narratives taking place at the same time with 24 ridiculous characters and maybe a handful of brief subplots that are engaging for a maximum of half an episode (numbers exaggerated… maybe). The greatest treasure hunt in the world is finding enjoyment in this quite insufferable series.

It may be insufferable, but I’ll kick off with maybe the only positive in this entire season, and that’s the fact that when it comes to some quick, witty one liners and cheesy puns this show has the goods. It knows exactly what it is. It knows it’s dumb, it knows it’s ridiculous and it knows it’s all over the place, but it embraces all of those facts and sticks to its guns, which despite being quite shit, I commend. So, because it embraces the type of show it is and goes full throttle with it, there are a couple of moments, maybe averaging on one to two per episode that get a little bit of chuckle or an occasional laugh. It’s nice, but not nearly enough to warrant sitting through this show.

The reason why it’s tough to get through is that because it’s so ridiculous at its core, you can’t become invested in any of the characters’ lives or journeys in a serious manner. Also, when it does try to get serious and touch on some relevant themes it just doesn’t make any emotional impact whatsoever. Subplots come and go and despite how ridiculous they end up getting as the season continues it just never breaks out of being boring. It’s a genuine chore to get through each episode, especially when the focus shifts at one point to a missing college mascot, then to cocaine breasts and exploding people. I feel like by doubling down on the ridiculousness it tries to make it enjoyable but it really just isn’t, and the minor humorous moments don’t do much to help.

When it comes to the performances, I share the same thoughts as I did in the first season; I don’t blame the actors for the quality of the series. It seems like they’re portraying the characters as they’ve been directed and to fit in with the quirky, weird and overly-exaggerated style of the show. If anything, the performances are solid, and they all seem like they’re having fun in their respective roles. Debbie Ryan, Dallas Roberts, Christopher Gorham, Kimmy Shields, Alyssa Milano and more were all fine in their roles and seem like they have their characters all on lock. They bring those brief spurts of comedy that make the show briefly bearable so I guess it’s good they’re there.

In the end, Insatiable is nothing but a train wreck that seems to be working based on the fact that it doesn’t try to be something it’s not. I still think it’s immensely boring and way too ridiculous to be enjoyable. The few moments of levity and comedy are so brief that they’re good in the moment but don’t make much of a positive impact on the season as a whole. Some people may find enjoyment out of this show’s silliness, and that’s fine, but I’m personally not hanging out for a third season.


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