LOST IN SPACE says an emotional farewell with its best season yet!

In its third and final season, Lost in Space puts everything on the line, exhibiting the biggest action sequences, deepest character development and most exciting narrative turns of the series to date. The season picks up with the adults and children of the Resolute separated from each-other, doing all they can to survive the alien threat and make their way to Alpha Centauri.

First off, the one element that has been at the forefront of every season so far, appearing as a central theme in almost every single episode, is family. The family dynamic is where the heart of the series lies, exploring the strength and importance of loved ones when it comes to growing as a person and overcoming obstacles in life. The Robinsons are one of the most close-knit, loveable and believable families on TV – the strength of their bond is tested time and time again, and they never fail to overcome any obstacle when trusting in each other. This theme is what makes the series so emotionally uplifting and gets you invested in the characters – genuinely caring about their wellbeing in every single moment. The fact that this theme remains in focus the entire time, even through all of the chaos the Robinsons encounter on their interstellar journey, just goes to show how this series has been written with very clear goals from the get-go.

When it comes to the writing, this is by far the strongest season in crafting a narrative that’s thoroughly engaging and endlessly thrilling. The opening scene sets the stage for a grand finale in an exciting way, showing off a slightly more mature tone and more grown-up versions of the characters we know and love. This season is treated like a non-stop thrill ride, strapping you in early and not letting you off. From the moment the first episode begins, it’s clear that it’s all ramping towards a big finale, moving along at a rapid pace and making huge narrative choices and revelations that fans have been longing to see. Honestly, this even feels like it’s two seasons in one! The first four episodes are presented like one long, singular arc, ending on a movie-worthy fourth episode that contains a big cliffhanger – setting the stage for the latter four episodes brilliantly. From there, the quality only becomes more and more heightened, getting progressively better right through to the phenomenal finale.

Speaking of the finale – pulling off a good series-ending finale is one of the toughest tasks in TV. Some are good, some are bad and some are just average, but either way you’re going to get people who aren’t thrilled with how it all goes down. That being said, I honestly can’t see how anyone could be disappointed with this finale. To say it’s amazing would be an understatement – it’s perfect. It’s big on action, emotionally-charged and closes out the series in a way that leaves absolutely no stone left unturned – handling every character’s arc to perfection. Despite being sad that it’s all over, fans should be more than satisfied with the way it says goodbye.

I’ve spoken about the Robinsons as a whole, but some individual characters are worth spotlighting due to the strength of their journey through this season. Played by Taylor Russell, Judy’s character arc and overall narrative has always been one of the strongest of the series – and she gets a huge boost in this final season with a large chunk of the story centred on her. Every moment spent delving into her past and focusing specifically on her growth over time is time well spent. On the other had, Mina Sundwall’s Penny also exhibits some emotional growth, especially in the latter half of the season. Of the siblings, she has the least going on, but the writers still make time to give her a fulfilling narrative arc. The one character who has physically and emotionally grown the most is Will (Maxwell Jenkins), who is no longer the innocent ‘kid’ and has instead matured into a fully-fledged independent character. He really finds his footing as the central figure in this entire space adventure, taking on a lot of responsibility in the story and actually embarking on some interesting journeys through a couple of episodes.

Now, the characters and their relationships are thrilling to follow, but the performances that bring these characters to life are better than ever here. The aforementioned Taylor Russell, Mina Sundwall and Maxwell Jenkins are fantastic in their respective roles, all going big in some key emotional scenes and playing off each other really well. The chemistry they share, especially after the last three years, really enhances that family dynamic I mentioned earlier, making their bond seem unbreakable. I must highlight Ignacio Serricchio (Don) for being the charismatic light within every episode of the series. He brings this sense of charm that no-one else is capable of bringing to the show, contributing to the comedic beats and nailing his delivery one one sarcastic line after the next. Parker Posey (Dr. Smith) also does a tonne to bring her character full circle, playing into the mischievous nature of the character, while also giving her a bit more depth this time around. All-in-all, I enjoyed every one of the main performances, Molly Parker (Maureen) and Toby Stephens (John) included.

Lastly, this sci-fi adventure is packed full of action and thrills that top anything the series has accomplished in prior seasons. There’s even these really strong Prometheus (2012) vibes dealing with lost civilisations that I absolutely love. It enhances the mythology of the universe and created a subplot that was one of the most intriguing of the season. Bringing the action to life and making this whole universe feel real are the visuals, which are absolutely gorgeous. Sure, it’s not like what you’d see in Denis Villeneuve’s Dune (2021), but there are some truly stunning shots in here, both on- and off-planet. The space sequences feel tense due to how well they’re shot and how grand they feel at times.

In the end, Lost in Space delivers a remarkably fun, exciting, tense and action packed final season that capitalises on everything fans have loved of the show so far. Key character arcs all come full circle and the continued exploration of family and trust gives this epic conclusion an abundance of heart. It’s sad to see it come to a close, but the journey has been one I won’t forget any time soon – full of great performances, memorable characters and genuine thrills.


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