‘WARCRAFT’ Movie Review – 2 Hours of Meh

Yet another video-game adaptation, yet another disaster. ‘Warcraft’ managed to sneak into my top 10 most anticipated films of the year, it had what i thought was a great trailer, cool looking visuals,… Continue reading

‘FINDING DORY’ Movie Review – It’s Pixar, just watch it..

Pixar is a flawless studio, putting out good to amazing animated films time and time again….. if you forget about Cars 2….. and this is absolutely no exception. ‘Finding Dory’ is the sequel… Continue reading


So Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 was overall a definitive improvement on the first film which was a disaster, still not a good film, but you can actually get a few moments of… Continue reading

‘THE CONJURING 2’ – Movie Review – All Hail James Wan

All this film really does is prove to the world that James Wan is officially a ‘Master of Horror’. Whether it is ‘Saw’, ‘Dead Silence’, ‘Insidious’, or ‘The Conjuring’ the young Australian director… Continue reading

‘MIDNIGHT SPECIAL’ Movie Review – Sci-Fi Done Right

Wow, ‘Midnight Special’ is breathtaking. This Sci-Fi film ditches the massive budget, the huge action set-pieces, and the distracting CGI and ops for a more constrained film full of intense gripping sequences, emotion,… Continue reading

‘KINDERGARTEN COP 2’ Movie Review – “It’s not a tumour”

So seeing that every existing property that had even an ounce of popularity is getting late sequels and reboots, it only seems fitting that Kindergarten Cop gets that sequel too…… an Arnold-less, straight… Continue reading

‘EDDIE THE EAGLE’ Movie Review – A very uplifting movie… and Wolverine.

‘Eddie The Eagle’ is a film ‘inspired’ by the true story of Michael Edwards, and is about a young British ski-jumper who will stop at absolutely nothing to compete in the Winter Olympics… Continue reading

‘THE DO-OVER’ Movie Review – Adam Sandler….. nuff said.

Here we are, another year, another Adam Sandler film that is sure to really hammer home the fact that Adam Sandler is never again going to produce any quality comedies. The guy is… Continue reading


If you haven’t been living under a rock for the last 7 years you have definitely played or heard of Angry Birds. And now, after the franchise has been almost milked dry with… Continue reading

‘MONEY MONSTER’ Movie Review – So there’s no monster?..

‘Money Monster’ stars George Clooney and Julia Roberts and is also directed by Jodie Foster. When a major company’s stocks crash one man who suffered major losses takes hostage Lee Gates and the… Continue reading