’13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi’ follows the true story of a group of former soldiers who put their lives on the line to defend remaining American diplomats in Libya from an… Continue reading

‘KEANU’ Movie Review – Ohhhh look it’s a kitty

Key and Peele move away from their hilarious shorts to star in this feature length comedy with a very crazy premise, and although it wasn’t all i expected it to be it still… Continue reading

‘ZOOTOPIA’ Movie Review – Buddy Cop film disguised as an animated film

Shakira is a Gazelle………… Not a Goat goddammit…. Zootopia is essentially a buddy cop movie disguised as an animated comedy, and it really worked. It follows Mary Margaret aka Snow White aka Judy… Continue reading

‘HARDCORE HENRY’ Movie Review – One Word: INSANE

Ok, so Hardcore Henry was the most unique and fresh action film i have seen in a really really long time. It is pretty much the first feature length film to attempt to… Continue reading

‘Gods of Egypt’ Movie Review – It deserves nothing more

Holy Fuck! Who needs general anaesthetic when you have pieces of shit like this that’ll put you sleep no problem. This shit-storm is an absolute embarrassment that gets practically nothing even remotely right,… Continue reading

‘X-MEN APOCALYPSE’ Movie Review – “Everything they’ve built…….

‘X-Men Apocalypse’ goes to the 80’s where a new/old batch of mutants must face a new evil and this just may be they’re most dangerous task yet. Going into the film this had… Continue reading

‘THE BOSS’ – Movie Review – Melissa McCarthy is Melissa McCarthy

“In a world where terrible comedies dominate the market, Anna, now a single mom finds herself a long way from Arendelle where she must team up with the oversaturated Melissa McCarthy to ….uhhh……… Continue reading


AMERICA, FUCK YEAH!!! The third ‘Captain America’ film, ‘Civil War’ was to put it simply, just absolutely incredible. The Russo Brothers have hit it out of the park once again following ‘Winter Soldier’,… Continue reading

A short-ish rant on modern horror

This was pulled from my review of ‘The Witch’, it deserved its own post. The day in which horror films that treat the genre as more than just a shit-storm of jump-scares and… Continue reading

‘The Witch’ Movie Review – Featuring a Horror rant… naturally

‘The Witch’ or ‘The VVitch: A New-England Folktale’ is a deeply unsettling, amazingly acted, beautifully shot indie horror film had had me hooked as the suspense and the terror built up to an… Continue reading