‘THE COMMUTER’ (2018) Movie Review – A Decent Crime Mystery With A Train-Wreck Of A Third Act

Well it’s another year and we have Liam Neeson in yet another action movie still going toe to toe against bad guys at least 20 years younger than him and somehow coming out… Continue reading

Ranked: Top 10 Marvel Cinematic Universe Films

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‘HOSTILES’ (2018) Movie Review – They Just Don’t Make Them Like They Used To

Hostiles is a Western Drama/Adventure following Joe Blocker (Christian Bale), an army captain who reluctantly agrees to escort a dying Cheyenne war chief (Wes Studi) and his family through dangerous territory back to… Continue reading

‘THE WALKING DEAD’ Season 8 TV Review – Like A Train Wreck That Shows No Signs Of Stopping

SPOILERS for Season 8 of The Walking Dead to follow. The Walking Dead has now concluded its 8th season and it’s even more clear now that this show peaked way back in seasons… Continue reading

‘LOST IN SPACE’ Season 1 (2018) TV Review – Get Lost in Space With This Fun Sci-Fi Adventure

This review will be SPOILER FREE. Netflix’s Lost in Space is a modern reimagining of the classic 1960’s sci-fi series which followed the Robinson family whose space colonisation mission goes off track leading… Continue reading

‘FIFTY SHADES FREED’ (2018) Movie Review – A Stupid Yet Laughable Piece of Crap

Finally the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise has reached its thrilling(?) climax with Fifty Shades Freed, the epic(?) conclusion to the iconic(?) trilogy¬†which understands what it is and accepts defeat….. or triumph if… Continue reading

‘A QUIET PLACE’ (2018) Movie Review – Who Knew Silence Could Be So Terrifying?

A Quiet Place marks writer/director/actor John Krasinski‘s first deep dive into the horror genre and what a truly marvellous way to announce his arrival with this wholly original modern horror triumph. The film… Continue reading

‘THE TITAN’ (2018) Movie Review – Bland and Dreadfully Boring Sci-Fi

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‘A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS’ Season 2 (2018) TV Review – Flawlessly Delightful From Beginning To End

THERE WILL BE NO SPOILERS FOR SEASON 2 UNTIL AFTER THE SCORE. When A Series of Unfortunate Events hit Netflix back at the beginning of 2017 I was very pleasantly surprised by the… Continue reading

‘A WRINKLE IN TIME’ (2018) Movie Review – It’s Got Heart But Not Much Else

A Wrinkle in Time is director Ava DuVernay‘s first time helming a large budget feature after her success with 2014’s Selma, and it also marks the first time a live-action film with a… Continue reading