‘TWIN PEAKS’ (2017) Season 3 Episodes 3/4 – TV Review – “It’s Not About The Bunny…. Is It About The Bunny?…. No!”

As we go into episodes 3 and 4 we seem to be moving away from the town of Twin Peaks for the time being as there are only a small handful of scenes… Continue reading

‘TWIN PEAKS’ (2017) Episode 1/2 – TV REVIEW – David Lynch’s Masterpiece Returns Just as Dark and Ridiculous as Ever

What the fuck is going on???????? Spoilers for the premiere within………. Laura Palmer said we will see each other again in 25 years, and now, 25 years on, Twin Peaks is finally back… Continue reading

‘ALIEN: COVENANT’ (2017) SPOILERS REVIEW – The Genius Plot Lying Within.

Alien: Covenant has finally arrived in Australian cinemas to mostly positive reviews with the film’s performances, Ridley Scott‘s visuals, and his return to gruesome horror amongst its most praised qualities. Now where a… Continue reading

‘ALIEN: COVENANT’ (2017) MOVIE REVIEW – Despite Great Story Content The Film Is Given Too Much To Cover

The next chapter in Ridley Scott’s Alien prequel franchise is finally here and although it may be far from the best it largely delivers on what you’d expect from an Alien film. In… Continue reading

‘PROMETHEUS’ (2012) MOVIE REVIEW – The Phenomenal Alien Semi-Prequel

Prometheus, released in 2012, saw the return of Ridley Scott to the franchise he began way back in 1979 with ‘Alien’. Ever since i first came across the masterpiece of Horror that is… Continue reading

‘A DOG’S PURPOSE’ (2017) MOVIE REVIEW – The Special Bond Between A Dog And Their Owner.

‘A Dog’s Purpose’ is a very emotional film that is both very sad but also very uplifting and the whole time from start to finish it is really pulling on those heart strings.… Continue reading

‘GHOST IN THE SHELL’ (2017) MOVIE REVIEW – A Beautiful and Stunning Bore From Beginning to End….

Oh ‘Ghost in the Shell’, why do you need to be so damn shit? Yes, this review is doomed right from the beginning. The film stars Scarlett Johansson (Major), Pilou Asbaek (Batou), Takeshi… Continue reading

‘YU-GI-OH!: THE DARK SIDE OF DIMENSIONS’ (2017) MOVIE REVIEW – An Awesome Hit of Nostalgia!

It was almost 2 years ago when i covered the release of the first trailer for this film on here and ever since i have been waiting very, very patiently to see it.… Continue reading

‘COLOSSAL’ (2017) MOVIE REVIEW – A Sci-Fi Kaiju Film That Is More Brains Than Brawn.

‘Colossal’ is a Sci-Fi / Dark Comedy film that surpasses all expectations with a small and crazy genuinely original story and one that goes so much deeper than what is presented on the… Continue reading

‘GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2’ (2017) SPOILER REVIEW – ‘The Guardians of the Galaxy Will Return Again’

So after taking a little bit of time to gather my thoughts about this sequel i definitely still thoroughly enjoyed it, there was a lot it did good, stuff it did not so good, and… Continue reading