‘THE DISASTER ARTIST’ (2017) Movie Review – A Spectacular Film About a Not-So Spectacular Film….

Oh hai guys….. The Disaster Artist is a biographical drama/comedy directed by and starring James Franco about the creative process behind the creation of what has been heralded as the best worst move… Continue reading

TWIN PEAKS – An In-Depth Revised Theory On Season 3

We are here with the release of Twin Peaks Season 3 on DVD and Blu-Ray and also three months since the somewhat controversial finale of season 3 which divided a fanbase into those… Continue reading

‘COCO’ (2017) Movie Review – A Culturally Rich Look at the Importance of Family, Life, and Death

Coco is Pixar’s latest feature length animation and if we’re sticking with their incredible track record this should be a phenomenal film….. and for sure it is. Coco follows a young boy named… Continue reading

OLAF’S FROZEN ADVENTURE (2017) Short Film Review – One of the Better Holiday Specials Out There

If Star Wars can have its own holiday special then why can’t Frozen? Personally I enjoyed almost every minute of this short, but as it turns out, the internet doesn’t feel the same… Continue reading

KINGSMAN: THE GOLDEN CIRCLE (2017) Movie Review – Manners Maketh Man

Kingsman: The Secret Service was a massive hit when it landed back in 2014, it was a fresh, original, fun, and entirely entertaining modern spy action comedy that put Taron Egerton on the… Continue reading

‘GEOSTORM’ (2017) Movie Review – Not Even The Action Makes This Worth The Watch

Believe it or not I was actually looking forward to seeing Geostorm, not for any good reasons, literally just because when the initial synopsis dropped it was the most hilariously nonsensical thing I’d… Continue reading

‘JUSTICE LEAGUE’ (2017) Movie Review – Not Bad, But Not A Wholly Entertaining Watch Either

Oh Justice League….. where to begin….. I went into this film with high hopes but firmly mediocre expectations and it appears as though the expectations took home the victory because this movie is… Continue reading

‘THE PUNISHER’ SEASON 1 (2017) Spoiler Review – “I’m Coming For You”

Just like Frank Castle himself, Season 1 of The Punisher has come and gone in the blink of an eye, and in its midst it has left a bunch of spoiler filled details… Continue reading

‘JIGSAW’ (2017) SPOILER REVIEW – The Truth Will Set You Free

So the film has been out a while and there’s a bunch of stuff I wanted to talk about so better late than never I guess. And yes this will be full of… Continue reading

‘THE PUNISHER’ SEASON 1 (2017) – TV Review – “One Batch, Two Batch, Penny and Dime”

Marvel is back once again this year with yet another entry to their expanding Netflix ‘Defenders’ universe, this time giving Jon Bernthal’s Frank Castle his own series where he can unleash all the… Continue reading