GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2 (2017) MOVIE REVIEW – Everyones Favourite Guardians Have Returned!!

When Guardians of the Galaxy first burst onto the scene back in 2014 no-one knew who this gang of misfits were and it surprised everyone with kick-ass action, gut busting humour, and tonnes… Continue reading

‘GET OUT’ (2017) MOVIE REVIEW – Jordan Peele’s Directorial Debut Is Incredible!!

WOW, i mean, i don’t even know where to start…… This movie came completely out of nowhere, who knew that Jordan Peele’s directorial debut would be this fucking good. ‘Get Out’ is a… Continue reading

‘RINGS’ (2017) MOVIE REVIEW – When ‘Scary Movie 3’ is More Terrifying, Something Must Be Wrong…..

Finally guys, a miracle has happened, we now have a ‘The Ring’ trilogy (American), i never thought the time would come, but now that it has we can celebrate. Samara Morgan is back… Continue reading

’13 REASONS WHY’ (2017) SPOILER REVIEW – With a Perfect Ending, No Season 2 is Necessary….

Yes, this post is going to contain spoilers from ’13 Reasons Why’ so if you have not yet seen the show you can read my Non-Spoiler Review HERE and then come back once… Continue reading

’13 REASONS WHY’ (2017) TV REVIEW (NO SPOILERS) – “If You’re Listening to This Tape…. You’re One of the Reasons Why.”

13 Reasons Why is a show that until only a few days ago had completely slipped under my radar, and after 5 recommendations in a single day i decided to dedicate the last 2… Continue reading

‘THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS’ (2017) MOVIE REVIEW – It’s Definitely Bigger, But Is It Better?

The franchise that is showing no signs of ever slowing down is back with its 8th instalment and it could still be the best one yet. The previous film in the franchise Furious… Continue reading

‘FIFTY SHADES DARKER’ (2017) MOVIE REVIEW – Literally Full of Nothing.. Start to Finish… Nothing.

I think no-one can deny the fact that this was the most hotly anticipated sequel of 2017, ‘Fifty Shades Darker’ follows the events of Fifty Shades of Grey where…… who gives a shit?… Continue reading

‘THE SPACE BETWEEN US’ (2017) MOVIE REVIEW – The Space Between This Movie And A Good One Is Astronomical

‘The Space Between Us’ is a Romantic Adventure starring Asa Butterfield, Britt Robertson, Gary Oldman, and Carla Gugino in what is a terribly boring film. The film follows 16 year old Gardiner (Butterfield) who… Continue reading

‘THE GREAT WALL’ (2017) MOVIE REVIEW – Yimou Zhang’s Fantasy War Epic Is Better Than Expected

Jason Bourne teams up with the Ancient Power Rangers to fight some monsters. ‘The Great Wall’ is an Action Fantasy that is definitely not a true story about the construction of the wall… Continue reading

‘THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE’ (2017) MOVIE REVIEW – The Best Batman Movie Since The Dark Knight!

Always be yourself….. Unless you can be Batman! ‘The LEGO Batman Movie’ was just a tonne of fun from beginning to end filled to the brim with plenty of humour, great voice performances,… Continue reading