‘MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS’ (2017) Movie Review – A Compelling Murder Mystery With An All-Star Cast

Murder on the Orient Express is a murder/mystery based on the best-selling 1934 novel by Agatha Christie. Directed by Kenneth Branagh it is the story of 13 strangers stranded on a train where… Continue reading

‘VALERIAN AND THE CITY OF A THOUSAND PLANETS’ (2017) Movie Review – An Incredible Film…. Until Valerian Appears

To say Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets didn’t suck nearly as much as I thought it would is actually a generous compliment considering this looked to be 2017’s very own… Continue reading

‘CARS 3’ (2017) Movie Review – A Return To Form For This Pixar Franchise

Way back in 2006 Cars burst out onto the scene and became yet another Pixar entry full of fun, humour, heart, and was a thoroughly enjoyable animated adventure from beginning to end. However… Continue reading

‘1922’ (2017) Movie Review – Yet Another Fantastic Stephen King Thriller

‘1922’ is a Netflix Original Film adapted from a Stephen King novella so on that fact alone expect some dark and disturbing shit….. and if ‘Gerald’s Game’ is anything to go by, some… Continue reading

‘JIGSAW’ (2017) Movie Review – Saw Is Back With A Triumphant Return

If you told me seven years ago after walking out of Saw 3D that we would ever be getting another Saw film I’d have said you were crazy. But here we are, seven… Continue reading

‘LEATHERFACE’ (2017) Movie Review – Who Knew His Origin Story Was Such A Bore?

Leatherface takes you back many years prior to the events of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) in order to witness the birth of a psychopath. The film follows the youngest of the infamous… Continue reading

‘HAPPY DEATH DAY’ (2017) Movie Review – A Repetitive Plot That Doesn’t Get Repetitive…..

Happy Death Day takes Groundhog Day and turns it into a halfway decent slasher flick that does what it can to not be repetitive with a plot built around being repetitive. The film… Continue reading

‘STRANGER THINGS: SEASON 2’ (2017) Spoiler Review – Turning Every Episode Upside Down

Stranger Things Season 2 is a complete home run, the season opens on a high, closes on a high, and consistently subjects you to shock and awe with each passing episode all of… Continue reading

‘STRANGER THINGS: SEASON 2’ (2017) TV Review – Bigger, Darker, And More Intense Than Before

Where do I even begin with this show? Season 1 of Stranger Things was a straight up TV masterpiece, it instantly became my favourite series of all time as there wasn’t a single… Continue reading

‘ALIAS GRACE’ (2017) TV REVIEW – A Thrilling Murder-Mystery And Gripping Character Study

Alias GraceĀ is a Netflix Original Series inspired by the historical true story of Grace Marks, a convicted murderer, and is based on the 1996 novel of the same name by Margaret Atwood. The… Continue reading