Hello Movie Fans, and Welcome!

You have made it! Nice to meet you fellow film geeks, welcome to my very first attempt at starting a movie related blog. Like i said, i have never done anything like this before so it may take a little while to get used to running a blog, but once i get everything figured out this will be the best place to find everything movie related.

But first, a little bit about myself

My name is Stephen Parthimos and i am a huge movie fan, just like many of you, and love talking about movies and movie related news. I currently take residence in Australia, yes, that place right down at the bottom of the globe where everything is trying to kill you. I have been here my entire life and it really is a great place to live, i promise.

Back on track now, if i was to pick a favourite genre it would have to be the genre that got me into movies at such a young age; the Horror genre. I used to be a sucker for everything horror, but as i got a little older i came to love all different genres and now, i really enjoy every single genre, some more than others of course. My favourite movie would have to be James Cameron’s Titanic, just an incredible romantic drama.

OK, enough about me, you are probably wondering: ‘What can i expect to see here?’

Well apart from the obvious; Movie Reviews, i will also be putting up regular posts about news stories that break, some big and some small, giving all of the relevant information, and my take on them. The posts you will see will revolve around leaks, casting, trailers, and other exciting information that drops online. I will also post some opinion pieces that will be focused on discussing my opinion on topics related to movies or the movie industry. Some examples may be, what i think about trailers and whether they show too much, or what i think about a specific genre, things that will allow me to voice my opinion and talk to any of you guys who may agree or have a differing opinion.

So, that’s all for now, i hope this post gives you an insight into what you can expect to see very soon here, at Everything Movie Reviews


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