Movie Review: Ant-Man

Ant-Man is the next……… stuff it, you know what is by now, it’s a Marvel film, so get up and go see it. This is by far the best origin story of a Marvel superhero so far (Guardians not included), and one of the better Marvel films to date. It did exactly what all or most of the Marvel films seem to do so well and that is the ability to combine action and comedy in a way that provides a near perfect balance of both. Another thing the film makers did amazingly was they made the movie feel like its own individual film and it could stand on its own if you just decided to watch this film without seeing any other Marvel film. Of course, it still had its fair share of winks and surprises, some very obvious and some not so obvious, so you know that this is very much a part of the Marvel universe. Lets talk about the characters in the film, because it is fair to say that those who know nothing about the Marvel comics will have absolutely no idea who any of these characters are, even i was unfamiliar with a few of them. These characters were so fun to watch, both the good and bad, mainly because they were not cliche characters, they all had an introduction and back-story that made them feel like very real people. The other thing that made the characters so great were the actors’ performances, Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas and even Corey Stoll were fantastic and very convincing in their roles. Even the supporting cast were hilarious and fun to watch and fit into the film really well.

Ant-Man Poster

As for the plot it really was pretty simple (“Break into a place and steal some stuff”), but at the same time it was very interesting and a fun ride. It wasn’t at all predictable and offered enough new elements to make it different from other heist films. It did take a little bit to actually get going and for the main plot to really kick in, but being an origin story where you have to set up these brand new characters it is understandable. So in the end, if you are a fan of the other Marvel films then you already know what you are getting into, it has all of the fun, comedy and action you expect. If you are unfamiliar with the other Marvel films, firstly, where have you been the last 7 years? and second, to sum it up, it is a great Superhero film, a great heist action film, and even a great comedy.


P.S. And remember there are TWO end credits scenes this time around, so remember to stay right to the very end.

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