BREAKING – First Official Trailer for the Horror Comedy ‘KRAMPUS’ has landed


The first trailer for ‘Krampus’, a Horror Comedy that follows a family on christmas being hunted down in their home by the mythical creature Krampus has dropped and it is both slightly funny and incredibly scary. The movie stars Adam Scott and Toni Collette as they fight to survive the holiday season after being attacked by a gang of freaky looking evil creatures that look to be out for blood. This movie looks like it has the potential to scare anyone into being very very nice for christmas because damn the trailer was creepy. Usually when you think of Christmas you think of a fun time to catch up with the family, but this film looks to be adding a little bit of horror into the mix.

I personally liked the trailer and hope the comedic elements are more prominent in the movie than they were in the trailer but we will have to wait until the release to find any of that out. Anyway here is the official trailer to see what you think about the film.

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