Movie Review: ZOOLANDER 2 – Completely unfunny


Zoolander 2 was complete and utter GARBAGE. The (long awaited??) sequel to 2001’s Zoolander is back with both Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson reprising their somewhat iconic roles. Zoolander is supposed to be a comedy right? And the main thing a comedy is supposed to do, is make you laugh, if it does anything right, it should be the jokes. This movie was so blatantly unfunny, that i spent a good 5-10 minutes afterwards trying to think of a single funny moment with absolutely no success. The humour in the film was so terribly executed it made me cringe and sigh every time they tried to be funny, every goddamn time. It just made the film come across as being very desperate and reaching into the bottom of the barrel of stupid humour. The plot of the film was a complete throwaway, there was nothing of substance happening at any point during the film, it really seemed like they were just making stuff up as they went along.


Like Dumb and Dumber 2, this had a lazy, shitty plot that one guy threw together in 5 minutes whilst on his toilet at 3am, just to give the studio an excuse to make this waste of film. If they had put some effort into making an interesting story there would have been at least one redeemable quality. Even Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson couldn’t elevate the film, none of their jokes hit and it’s a shame because they both haven’t really done anything good in a while. I’m not going to put too much blame on them, because i think if they were given the freedom to do more of their own stuff they would have stood out more. But as i mentioned, the lack of humour made the film so damn boring and i actually strongly considered getting up and walking out about half way through. If i didn’t want to write this damn review i would have taken a toilet break and never returned. I think that’s enough of a warning to stay away. There were one or two moments in the last 10 minutes of the film that weren’t funny, but were… i’ll say clever, involving Will Ferrell’s character who had the only kinda meh moments in the film.


This was a disaster of a film, the story was terrible and absolutely none of the humour worked. There was one lady in my screening though, who just would not stop laughing, i mean at the most subtle, unfunny, sigh-worthy moments she was pissing herself. She must have been watching cat videos on her phone the whole time… yeh that’s gotta be it. To sum it up, this film was just very very dumb, and not the dumb humour you can laugh at, the type that just makes you angry and pissed off after seeing it. I really don’t want to talk about this anymore, just do yourself a favour and see something else, like Deadpool, yeh, please save yourself the pain and/or disappointment and go see Deadpool.



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