‘KEANU’ Movie Review – Ohhhh look it’s a kitty


Key and Peele move away from their hilarious shorts to star in this feature length comedy with a very crazy premise, and although it wasn’t all i expected it to be it still managed to keep my interest for the entire film. If you are looking forward to seeing this film, you are probably a fan of Key and Peele’s shorts… or a fan of kittens. So going into this film i really wanted it to essentially be an hour and a half long skit with non stop humour. A little unrealistic i know, but what i got instead was more like a number of short skits spread out over the course of the film and tied together by an absurd (doesn’t mean bad), not so engaging plot. But to be fair, even though the plot wasn’t amazing, it served its purpose in moving the film forward, because what was good is that the pacing was quick and to the point. They went to one place, did their little back and forth humour and then moved on. What i’m trying to get at here is that the film was quite patchy, there were some really funny moments and funny sections but in between it just died down to the point where i wasn’t that amused, but i was able to stick with it.


Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele are by far the best parts of the film, their style of back and forth humour and improv is actually really funny, when the film is focusing on their dynamic it really works. But when they start to blend in with the rest of the characters in the film it didn’t work that well for me. EXCEPT for a few moments where even though it wasn’t with both of them, i did lose my shit, there is this whole running gag about George Michael and it was one of the best parts of the movie, just saying. So yeh, when the film focuses primarily on the whole gangs aspect of the plot it kinda lost me, and the film did get a little busy at the end where it tried to wrap everything up which was disappointing.


Now, the kitten was really cute, but i didn’t really care that much for it (Let the hate come at me). I cared about Peele and his devotion to rescuing his kitten, but the thing coulda kicked the bucket 5 minutes in and i wouldn’t have minded, unlike how i did with Keanu Reeves’ dog (I know, i just said that). There are reasons, i can’t really say them here though. It’s not a negative, just an observation i had whilst watching the film. So with all that said, if you are a fan of Key and Peele’s humour you will definitely get a kick out of this film, even though it isn’t a really well structured comedy. If you don’t like their humour, stay away. And if you like kittens, the cuteness factor here is over 9000, so go nuts.


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