If you haven’t been living under a rock for the last 7 years you have definitely played or heard of Angry Birds. And now, after the franchise has been almost milked dry with a lot of spinoff apps we get to enjoy our favourite birds on the big screen in ‘The Angry Birds Movie’. The movie does act as a prequel to the games…. just incase you REALLY were curious. When a ship of Pigs come to the Birds homeland Red and his friends will try to figure out exactly what these little piggies are up to. I gotta say, the fact that this movie worked at all is a surprise to me, the animated film obviously aimed towards kids kinda worked more than it should have. It has a very simple, predictable by the numbers plot as you’d expect from an animated film, it isn’t void of humour though it is pretty top heavy in that department, and it’s overall an average movie.


So in terms of the humour i think it delivered enough to give me a few good laughs here and there, but where quite a few jokes worked, there were a lot of issues with most others. The biggest one being that a lot of jokes and comedic scenes went for just a tad too long. If they had just kept quick firing the jokes they would have remained funny, but many times they keep on repeating the same joke multiple times (even in the same scene) and it got old quick. Oh, and if you like puns then you’re in for a very very large treat. There are more bird and pig puns in this movie than there are characters in Captain America Civil War. Seriously you can’t go 2 minutes without another eggcellent bird joke being thrown at you. It wasn’t a bad thing but man some of them are really sigh-worthy. The characters and their personalities are all very distinct and offer for some great back and forth jokes to be had every now and then. Performances were fine and they were ok characters to lead the film.


The overall plot of the film as i mentioned it as basic as you get. You know exactly how it’s going to turn out from the get go as you do with most animated films. The difference is whether it can keep you entertained through other methods for the entire duration. And really the movie had me pretty engaged for the first third of it but the charm of these birds and their jokes wear off gradually as time goes on. The idea of it being an Angry Birds movie is amusing to begin with but it soon turns into an animated film with birds….. if that makes sense. The way the film plays out i can definitely see this thing becoming a short TV series for kids……… WHAT? It already is???? Well shit where have i been the last 4 years? gotta get on that…..

1271033 - THE WALK

And one thing the film does once or twice is make jokes based on previous films. I won’t go into detail but lets just say someone working on this film saw X-Men Days of Future Past and loved THAT scene with said character as much as everyone else and decided to throw it in here. But i wasn’t really surprised because i was thinking about said character for most of the movie. Seriously though, this movie has by far the WEIRDEST ‘The Shining’ reference i have ever seen…. That’s right, the Angry Birds movie has a very obvious reference to ‘The Shining’ shoved in the middle for no reason, i’ve got no idea. So in the end, kids will love it, but there is something you adults can get out of it too, just wish it kept up the humour for the whole film.



  1. Watched it and loved it! ❤
    I loved the character Bomb and Matilda – So cute.
    My fav. scene is when red and his friends go on a quest to find "Mighty Eagle"- hilarious.
    A Simple, Cute and fun movie.
    Thumbs up for it!! 😀

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