‘EDDIE THE EAGLE’ Movie Review – A very uplifting movie… and Wolverine.


‘Eddie The Eagle’ is a film ‘inspired’ by the true story of Michael Edwards, and is about a young British ski-jumper who will stop at absolutely nothing to compete in the Winter Olympics despite what the critics say about his abilities. The film stars Kingsman’s Taron Egerton and Wolverine himself Hugh Jackman in two fantastic performances that are more than enough to keep you interested on their own. This was such a very positive, uplifting, and motivating story you just can’t help but feel very happy after watching this movie. It is full of hope, and that tied with Egerton’s magnificent performance made this such a delight to watch. Despite the very positive nature of the story, you can’t ignore the fact that it hits a lot of similar beats that these types of sports stories usually follow, but even in saying that, the movie is still a very good time.


I have to start off obviously with Taron Egerton’s performance as Eddie the Eagle because it was fantastic. Not only was it the way he acted that made it so entertaining, but it was also how he literally transformed into this guy who before this film i knew nothing about. At not one point in this movie did i think of Eggsy from Kingsman, he embodied this character, from the way he moved to how he spoke, he never broke character and it made the whole thing feel that much more real. I’m telling you now, this guy has 3 major films to his name now and he has fully delivered on every single one, he has got his whole career ahead of him and i cannot imagine what he will bring to the table in future. Hugh Jackman is also in this film as he trades out the cigar for a cigarette and gives a great performance as Eddie’s (fictional) mentor and motivational voice. I loved what they did with his character btw, he wasn’t just a cliche coach who drops everything in their life to train this guy, there was a little more complexity to their relationship that you may have seen in a couple other films before but felt really fresh here.


As i mentioned, the story does follow similar beats that you are used to seeing in these movies but if it wasn’t for the positive tones and the amount of enjoyment you can get out of this film; that would have affected my reaction to the film a lot more. The whole film you really are rooting for this guy and you feel as though you are on this journey with him all the way, very good character development. And Taron does bring a good amount of humour to the film that doesn’t take away from the tone of the film but gives you a good laugh here and there. So if you really enjoy sport films then you will definitely enjoy this one, or if you just want a good mood booster this will also do the trick.


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