‘KINDERGARTEN COP 2’ Movie Review – “It’s not a tumour”


So seeing that every existing property that had even an ounce of popularity is getting late sequels and reboots, it only seems fitting that Kindergarten Cop gets that sequel too…… an Arnold-less, straight to DVD sequel. The movie as expected follows a strikingly similar premise where a cop with a strong foreign accent has to infiltrate a kindergarten as part of a case for whatever reason. This time around we have Dolph Lundgren thrown into the chaos who was really just there to cash in his paycheque and go home. I can definitely see why they chose Lundgren for the role but he just doesn’t have anywhere near the personality to carry the film and isn’t the greatest at delivering in both the comedy and action genres. Now it is very easy to tear this movie to bits ai i more than expected to be doing, but in actuality there are some pretty redeemable qualities about this film.


The main highlight being that even though it kept the same base premise from the first film, i think they actually made a fair effort to change things up a bit and introduce some new elements that had me in a mildly engaged state for an hour and a half. You know what, if i was to describe this entire film in an easy to understand manner, it would have to be this; it is essentially ‘Kindergarten Cop’ (duh) mixed with ‘The Pacifier’. There are some extreme parallels between this movie and The Pacifier and although this wasn’t nearly as entertaining as the Vin Diesel comedy it definitely wasn’t unbearable by any means. The movie even gets fairly campy at times and accepts the type of film it is, and this is done through some of the side characters. Sometimes the campiness wasn’t very effective when it met with the action but as the film went on, the humour did get a little better.


Oh, but the editing…… i just couldn’t…… there were times where i just wondered who in their right mind gave the thumbs up to some of the actually spastic scenes in there. There’s some really jumpy parts with 150 cuts, sped up film in odd places, and out of place revolving camera shots (a lot)…… it was all really jarring and took me out of the scene multiple times. Also, Lundgren wasn’t particularly bad in the movie, you could just tell he was getting through the film so he can move on to do The Expendables 24. He is involved i a love story of course, because every film must have a love interest….. At times the scenes were just ok but there were other times where it makes for some of the worst scenes in the film. Do we really need almost 10 minutes of cowboy dancing and mechanical bull riding? No, so just move on. And the movie does some weird sort of emotional backstory with Lundgren’s character at one point which is just mentioned and it goes no-where, it was odd.

So in the end, this isn’t the worst comedy sequel i have seen but it is also very far from the best. It does have a straight to DVD release so you can read into that all u want, but if ur just chilling and want an average DVD release to kick back and watch then this is the type of thing you would go for. And it doesn’t even compare to the original as the absence of Schwarzenegger is felt quite a bit.


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