‘ICE AGE: COLLISION COURSE’ Movie Review – Nobody Loves Raymond??


After five films i’m beginning to think they keep pumping out these sequels to keep John Leguizamo and Ray Romano relevant. The first film was great, it was hilarious, had a great story, and characters that straddled the line between funny and downright annoying, then from the second film it started going downhill to the point where now the whole film is filled with annoying humour literally there to amuse kids under 10. Apart from a few one liners that were actually quite clever the rest is silly stuff that will amuse you 5 year old for a few more minutes. They tried with one running joke to appeal to an older audience and it did work quite well surprisingly, but thats pretty much it. In terms of the story it was kept simple and flows through evenly despite it not being all that engaging, for me at least, kids though will love it.


Probably the most common highlight and what draws me back to these things are the short scenes involving Scrat and his acorn, which are always nice and cool little isolated stories. I only wish they didn’t show like half of his scenes in trailers and previews, felt like i had already seen it all by the time it showed up. But you know what, where it showed too much of that story, it kept quite a few elements of the main plot fairly low-key. I genuinely wanted to know how they were going to get themselves out of the mess they were in, and it would have been ruined if they showed more of that in the trailer too. So again, the plot was executed and followed through in a smooth manner without being too complex for the kiddies to handle. But in these animated films, where they dumb down the plot they need to make up for it with the humour, otherwise it can be tough to watch for those accompanying the children.


There is one running patch of humour involving a certain very well known science guru that makes for what are probably the most amusing parts of the film. If you know who it is you will admire the scenes, however if you don’t, then they will fly right over your head. There are a couple of one liners that were kinda clever, but most of the intended humour involves characters getting bashed, characters talking and moving really quickly, and other really dumbed down stuff. Fantastic when amusing the target audience but will make everyone else wish they were doing something else…. anything else.


So really, you know exactly what to expect from Ice Age sequels by now, you got the dumb humour, the simple plot, a few highlights here and there and then Scrat still not being able to catch a break and be with his acorn for 5 damn minutes. It’s amazing the guys still alive. Does very well at appealing to its target audience but other than young kids, no-one else it going to love it.


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