‘STORKS’ (2016) MOVIE REVIEW – Really Just For Kids


Just another basic animation that really only kids will enjoy, there, that sums it up. ‘Storks’ is an animated film starring Andy Samberg and Kelsey Grammer among others about a stork who is soon to be the boss of the company he works for and a clumsy orphaned teen who must deliver a baby to its parents in this lazily written, rather humourless adventure. Storks is a film that rather than breaking new boundaries and appealing to a wider audience chooses to play it safe with humour meant almost exclusively for kids. It has a plot that is very simple and very straightforward for most of the film but has this very abrupt change in focus 2/3 of the way through that felt very unnatural and was just annoying as it ruined any chance this film had of just being good. Probably the biggest highlight is that the voice casting was actually pretty good and maybe the only thing keeping me in the film.


The plot of the film is where its biggest faults lie. For the first hour it has a very straightforward story, doesn’t try to pull any tricks, there are some hints at a bigger picture, but it still appears as though it’s heading down to a nice finale. Now although this lack of originality isn’t ideal, half way through i understood who this film was for and accepted that i was getting a basic well paced (at least) plot. But as i mentioned at the 1 hour mark it essentially stops that plot very abruptly and in a matter of seconds the entire focus of the plot has changed. This would be fine if it was leading towards this shift of focus with a smooth transition but this was very far from the case. Then, once it’s done with that little detour after 20 minutes it wraps up the story from the first hour in like 4 minutes. Really this shift must have been to get this thing to feature length but really all you needed to do was extend the 1 hour plot with 20 minutes of filler and jokes scattered throughout and although it still may not have been funny at least it would have made more sense.

Humour wise this film will most definitely entertain any young kid you take to see it, it is written for them, the jokes are almost all things kids love to laugh at so they will love it. Apart from maybe 2 or 3 individual moments there isn’t anything an older audience can get out of the film, if that’s what you’re looking for there are plenty other options from this year. This isn’t a bad thing it’s just the direction the film-makers decided on isn’t the same as maybe how Disney approach their animated films. But in terms of voice talent i think it was very well cast and the big names were pretty fun to listen too, as nothing else here offers that. Ty Burrell and Jennifer Aniston play parents in the film and as far as the characters go they were more entertaining that their son or any of the other leads we follow. Kelsey Grammer was just very good casting for the Boss Stork character as his voice fit the appearance very well.


So yeh, Storks is a film that is very good for kids and they will get a lot out of it, for an older audience though there isn’t anything to really enjoy here. But in saying that this movie is not bad at all, if the story in the last third of the film was handled better this would have gotten a somewhat higher rating, but counting that mess of a final act it’s just ok.


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