Lets not waste any time shall we? This movie is just amazing, it is entertaining, endlessly hilarious, and it perfectly encapsulates everything that makes up Power Rangers. Here you have a perfect example of a guilty pleasure movie… is it good? Absolutely not, but i love it to where i can watch this thing for the 100th time and still laugh at the stupidly amazing plot and enjoy every bit of 90’s cheese. The first act of this movie is the stuff a 90’s childhood is made of, a totally rad skydiving sequence, followed by an insane rollerblading sequence through the city, and then hands down one of the best Power Rangers fight sequences to ever exist. The second act of the film, although still just as stupid, dumb, and hilarious as the first is a noticeable drop in pace and not a whole lot of interest happens. It does pick up again in the finale for a 90’s CGI filled action sequence that is gloriously bad from the giant metallic insects to the emergency groin kick….. yes, emergency groin kick.


When an ancient evil mastermind Ivan Ooze (Paul Freeman) is reborn by Rita Repulsa, Lord Zedd, Goldar, and Mordant, six teenagers must use their combined strength to prevent him from taking over the world. This plot synopsis really doesn’t do the film any justice at all, here’s a little more info; the rangers go to the planet Phaedos where they encounter a dinosaur graveyard and the Master Warrior Dulcea who will mentor the Rangers into finding their inner spirit animals. At the same time you also have Ivan Ooze’s plan to take over the world by hypnotising adults to dance and mass produce his own product and make it big in the Ooze market before taking over the city with giant Ooze powered mechanical insects, but not before summoning a flock birds to take down the Rangers once and for all. If you got all that, and think it all sounds ridiculously stupid, you actually don’t even know the half of it, it’s incredible.

The action sequences in the first 30 minutes are so incredible with all of the amazing flips, corkscrew kicks, spinning jumps, and awesome backing songs that rather than describing it, it’s probably better you just witness some of it for yourself.

Following the awesome opening act of this film it does start to lack some of the Power Rangers awesomeness whilst keeping the hilariously dumb moments in there. It all begins when Ivan Ooze destroys the Command Centre. The Rangers go to the far off planet Phaedos where apart from a few half decent fights they don’t really do a whole lot more than just walk. They do meet the character Dulcea though, an amazonian goddess whose sole purpose is to teach the rangers to find their inner spirit animas and regain the power they lost. Meanwhile on Earth, Alpha 5 loves keeping up to date with the local news and Ivan Ooze is making people dance for him when he isn’t making them dig up a giant praying mantis. The problem with this second act is that none of the two journeys it was following were particularly interesting and these are the moments where i guess you could vouch for the ‘bad’ trumping the ‘hilariously dumb’.

Then you get the final act which is all kinds of ridiculous and would have been better without the crappy CGI. You get plenty of Zords action as you watch the rangers take out Ooze and his ancient mechanical bugs whilst at the same time destroying half of the city. The whole hypnotising storyline does continue through this sequence with the adults slowly making their way to jump off a cliff. No-one cares about them but if it wasn’t for this scene we wouldn’t get ‘the hero kid’ saving the day by firing a high pressure hose keeping them away from the cliff….. It’s just perfectly bad.


But right at the end, you get what is one of the greatest moments in the entire movie without a doubt. So the Rangers in their Megazord lure Ivan in his enlarged state out to space where they plan to get him in the path of a comet that can finally kill him. But before they can do so Ivan has latched himself onto their Megazord and they need to pry his grip loose. So Aisha (The Yellow Ranger) goes to hit this button that is ‘for emergency use only’ saying that “desperate times call for desperate measures”. So what would you think this button does? Ejects the head of the Megazord, sending the rest into the comet?

NOPE, this fucken button, that exists as a permanent feature of the Megazord, automatically propels its leg forward to kick Ivan Ooze in the balls making him let go in pain. So lets get this straight…….. there is an emergency button specifically for when you need to kick someone in the balls. And who says this movie isn’t fucking amazing?


So i think it’s safe to say that i love this movie to death regardless of its endless amount of stupidity. Not even a slow moving second act can put a damper on my love for this film. This is Power Rangers for me, the original gang, the original villains, the original song, the cheese, the sound effects, the flips, the puns, it all screams awesomeness. Anyone who wants to go back and watch this film now will probably not enjoy it, it is very much something you can only love and appreciate if you grew up with the Rangers. If i go to my inner child and score this thing it is still an incredible 10/10 in spirit, but now, this is what it gets.








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