‘GET OUT’ (2017) MOVIE REVIEW – Jordan Peele’s Directorial Debut Is Incredible!!


WOW, i mean, i don’t even know where to start…… This movie came completely out of nowhere, who knew that Jordan Peele’s directorial debut would be this fucking good. ‘Get Out’ is a Horror/Comedy about Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) who goes on a trip to visit his girlfriend Rose’s (Allison Williams) parents whose odd behaviour towards this interracial couple gets increasingly more concerning for Chris during their stay. Ever since reading the initial synopsis for this film i was completely IN just based on that alone, it sounded very intriguing and more importantly it was inherently original, the type of film more people need to go and see. And this movie completely delivered and surpassed my expectations on almost all fronts. This movie highlights a perfect application of Horror, with plenty of unsettling imagery, and Peele blends it perfectly with hints of comedy that hit EVERY time and did not feel out of place at all. The performances here are also so riveting and only enhance the very unsettling nature of this film.


I will start with commending Jordan Peele on his success with this film, not only was this a venture away from the comedic material he is known for as one half of ‘Key and Peele’ but this was also his directorial debut which is insane. Isn’t it funny how this comedic actor can take a leap of faith into Horror for his directorial debut and accomplish something greater than most modern horror directors. What makes this film so well crafted is the way he expertly blends themes of horror with comedy and also incorporates subtle social commentary here and there that you can notice yet doesn’t take you out of the film. I mean there are scenes in this film that are terrifying and unsettling but are also really fucking funny. He manages to terrify you right in the middle of some quite humorous scenes and it blends perfectly in ways i can’t possible explain to you through words. And forget creepy imagery, there are some scenes where there is nothing even slightly scary on the screen and just through the use of very confronting camera placement you feel so uneasy you just want to squirm in your seat.


One incredible thing to note with this film is that typically you see in horror films sequences of building suspense towards multiple big terrifying scary moments scattered throughout. But what is really cool here is that the suspense is being built up constantly throughout the entire film towards a final 20 minutes or so that is so balls to the fucking wall crazy that your mind will be blown. The film grabs you early on and for an hour and 40 minutes it is slowly tightening its grip keeping you locked in your seat and delivering with one of the best climaxes in a horror film that i’ve ever seen. It goes to places you never even imagined it would go and it turns what is a fantastic premise into an incredible story. The pacing is crucial to the suspense factor and the way it gets progressively faster as the film goes on works so damn well. It gives the film plenty of time early on to introduce characters, get you to care about them, and implement little hints here and there of things to come. And it also allows the film to close out on a high note where it does not mess around.


And i mentioned the performances briefly but you cannot look past them when thinking about this movie. Daniel Kaluuya and Allison Williams were phenomenal as this couple and i was completely sucked into every one of their scenes and believed all of their exchanges because they were all so goddamn natural. The film focuses on Daniel’s character predominantly so that is the character we are experiencing the film through and he does a great job at really letting you connect and relate with him. The parents though, OMG they were fucking great. Bradley Whitford and Catherine Keener were intriguing, unsettling, and haunting, a lot of the time without even saying a word. And also this guy deserves a mention also; LilRel Howery plays Chris’ friend Rod Williams in the film and he is fucking hilarious. He provides the majority of the larger comedic moments and his timing was on point 100% of the time. Having a straight up purely comedic character in this film that offers a perfect blend of Horror and Comedy could have been very out of place but it worked so damn well.


So in the end, yeh, there really wasn’t anything i did not like about this movie, the story was great and hooked me in right from the get-go, the characters and performances were all so well introduced and developed. The way Jordan Peele blended Horror and Comedy so seamlessly was incredible especially for his directorial debut. Now the only question looming is was it a fluke or can he deliver this sort of quality again and again and transition into a continuously successful director? Only time can tell. If you haven’t gathered this already then YES you should most definitely see this movie, it doesn’t release in Australia until May the 4th (Be With You) so until then just wait in anticipation.


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