‘TWIN PEAKS’ (2017) Episode 1/2 – TV REVIEW – David Lynch’s Masterpiece Returns Just as Dark and Ridiculous as Ever

What the fuck is going on???????? Spoilers for the premiere within……….

Laura Palmer said we will see each other again in 25 years, and now, 25 years on, Twin Peaks is finally back and it is just as crazy, spastic, dark, disturbing, and utterly ridiculous as you remember it. This two hour premiere was EVERYTHING I wanted to see from the return of by far the most original and most mind boggling show that I have ever laid eyes on. Literally SO MUCH happens within this premiere that it would take absolutely forever to cover it all in detail. But despite this episode introducing a tonne of new characters and plot-lines as well as catching us up on some of the many characters from the original series, one thing this episode doesn’t contain (as is expected) are any answers. If you were a fan of the original Twin Peaks you would know that answers don’t come cheap in this world David Lynch has built and it looks like we are going to have to wait even longer for answers to questions both new and old.

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 5.54.49 pm.png

One of the coolest aspects of this premiere was getting short glimpses at where certain characters are now from the original series. Agent Dale Cooper has been chilling in The Black Lodge for 25 years probably admiring the thread count of the vibrant red curtains, whilst his evil doppelganger has been running amok in the real world getting involved with various crime rings and seemingly working together with Phillip Jeffries and Major Garland Briggs at some point (played by the deceased David Bowie and Don S. Davis respectively. We spend a few minutes with Sarah Palmer whose life has become her just sitting around her house watching gruesome nature documentaries seemingly all day….. fascinating stuff. We also get a few scenes of the deceased Catherine Coulson’s iconic character ‘The Log Lady’ who is seen communicating with Hawk by phone giving him some cryptic messages given to her by her trusty supernatural log. Hawk’s mission is one of the more intriguing things introduced in this premiere and i can’t wait to see where it leads.

Right at the beginning of the episode we get a shady scene with Dr Jacoby still repping his blue and red glasses buying a load of shovels…… what for? We’ll have to wait and see i guess. We also get a scene with the best brother duo in TV history Ben and Jerry Horne, it was short and doesn’t give us a whole lot of info but seeing them again in Ben’s office was an awesome throwback. And finally in the closing scene at the Bang Bang Bar we get to see various characters who during the original series were in their high school/college years.

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 5.53.03 pm.png

As for the new stuff introduced for this season we have a new murder mystery on our hands….. This time the looming question is; Who Killed Ruth Davenport? Tied to this story we have principle Bill Hastings (played by Matthew Lillard) who is accused of her murder, also his wife who was having an affair with another man and seemed to have ties to the murder. I speak in past tense there because, well, she dead….. shot in the head by Evil Cooper. Speaking of being shot in the head by Evil Cooper, in a graphic and haunting scene late in the premiere he also strangles his lover, punches her repeatedly in the face, and blows her brains out after uncovering her true intentions to kill him. The brutal scene was not for the feint of heart, but it did lead us to finding out that Jennifer Jason Leigh is playing a character who seems to be working with Evil Cooper….. interesting.

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 5.51.51 pm.png

And then you have what was quite possibly my favourite new sequence in this opening premiere and that was every damn second spent with the empty glass box and the guy whose job is to just sit and watch the glass box of nothing located in a studio in the middle of New York City. These sequences we extremely eerie and uncomfortable to watch, and David Lynch’s genius filmmaking is on full show during these scenes. There are multiple minutes of this premiere literally spent just staring blankly at the box of nothing, keeping you in constant suspense that maybe something is going to show up within the box. And when you aren’t staring at the box you are following a man around the room, repeatedly changing out SD cards and making sure every camera is on and just sitting on a couch drinking what i’d assume is some ‘damn good coffee’. The tedious sequences are just like classic Twin Peaks and with Agent Cooper, the REAL Agent Cooper appearing in the box late in the premiere, i cannot wait to see more of it.

The episode comes equip with a shitload more weird Twin Peaks material especially with everything that goes on within the Black Lodge. The One-Armed Man makes a return guiding Cooper through the various rooms, and in true Twin Peaks fashion, an iconic character is bought back, but this time he’s undergone some changes. Any fan of Twin Peaks will remember ‘The Man From Another Place’ otherwise known as ‘The Arm’, he returns here but as a tree pulsing with electricity with a talking brain on the top…… let that sink in for a while.

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 5.55.19 pm

Well i could talk about everything in this episode for hours but i am now going to move on to episode 3 so i will wrap this up by saying i absolutely LOVED this premiere and it proves that Twin Peaks has returned in top batshit insane form. I cannot wait to see how things unfold and just how crazy this show will get.







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