‘TWIN PEAKS’ Season 3 Episode 11 – TV Review – Plenty of ‘Head Crushing’ Craziness!

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Episode 11 has come and gone and boy was it a good one. This episode focused majorly on three groups of characters meaning we got more time to progress each story and go further into the mysteries that are yet to be solved. One portion of this episode follows Shelly, Bobby, and Becky on an action and drama filled adventure, one follows Dougie and his dealings with the Mitchums, and the last follows Gordon and Co. investigating the place Hastings saw Major Briggs. There is also one sequence with Hawk and Frank as they make some more progress on Major Briggs’ message. Before we get into all that lets look at the very first scene which is isolated from the rest of the episode where some kids discover that Miriam is actually alive. She looks like shit right now as she just got the shit beat out of her but that’s not the point, the fact is she somehow survived her predicament and you know what that means……. Richard, you are going down (probably not but fuck that would be good).

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Anyway so the first big series of events that unfolds are surrounding Becky, Shelly and Bobby who are thrust suddenly into an episode of ‘Home and Away’ or ‘Bold and the Beautiful’ if you prefer. Becky after a phone call to someone seems pretty damn pissed off and she calls Shelly to get her car and pulls out a gun to take with her. Right now it is pretty fucking intense due to Amanda Seyfried’s incredible acting but wait, there’s more. When Shelly arrives with the car Becky steals the car throwing her mum violently off the bonnet in the process. Becky arrives at her destination and fires shots into the door of an apartment, clearly she is pissed at Steven because he was cheating on her…….. and there’s that soap opera element……. it’s always about boys. Later in the episode Becky, Shelly, and Bobby all have a meeting in the RR Diner where it turns out Shelly is dating mysterious magic dude Red and everything is sorting itself out.

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But just when you thought this was going to be isolated from the Twin Peaks craziness someone starts firing shots into the diner. How could someone possibly want to do anything bad to the RR Diner? Oh wait, turns out the shooter was a kid named Ralph who found his dad’s gun in the back of the car…… Why are you so dumb Ralph? And get that stupid smug look off your face you little brat. And then just when you thought that was crazy enough, the stupid asshole in the car behind the one belonging to Ralph’s family WONT. STOP. BEEPING. HER. FUCKING. HORN. FOR. THE. ENTIRE. SCENE…… FUCK!! Thankfully Bobby goes over there to stop the lady from pissing me off and then we gotta listen to her yell and scream about a sick person and at that point i wanted Gordon’s ear device to turn the volume to 0. And then suddenly the kid in the passenger seat rises up like a fucking zombie, arms raised and spewing green shit all over the car…… This story went from 0-100 in 5 minutes and then was over……. This may never be followed up but what a rollercoaster ride it was while it lasted.

Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 12.43.21 am

The next big series of events to take place is believe it or not a lot more eventful than the shit i just mentioned above. William Hastings is taking Gordon and Co. to the location where he saw Major Briggs in the alternate dimension. It is at this point i knew a lot of shit was about to go down. First before entering the property Gordon and Albert see one of the supernatural homeless men who appears and disappears behind a building. Rather than noping the fuck out of there they go right in and investigate further. Upon walking into the property shit gets weird when Gordon starts to see a massive wormhole appear in the sky that apparently no-one else outside the property can see, and he begins to reach out towards it. Albert is inside the property but his eyes go very blurry to where he can only see Gordon and nothing in his peripheral. As the wormhole engulfs more of the sky Gordon gets a glimpse of the “dirty bearded men in a room” and begins phasing out. But right before he disappears Albert pulls him back and all the chaos stops suddenly.

Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 12.27.06 am

But it ain’t over yet, Gordon and Albert find a headless body on the side of the property that i immediately guessed belonged to Ruth Davenport because no fucking shit, it’s a headless female body. And this body came equipped with the co-ordinates given to her and Hastings by Major Briggs written on her arm as Hastings said they were. And then, Diane catches a glimpse of one of the supernatural homeless men phasing in and out as he creeps over to the police car. She decides to just not take what she saw too seriously and continue smoking. Big mistake as suddenly Hastings’ head gets crushed into a bloody mess by the invisible supernatural homeless man. This entire sequence was very dark and just when you think it is going to end on a gruesome note, Gordon comes in with the quote “He’s Dead” and turned a dark ending into a fucking hilarious one…… Kudos to you David Lynch, that was genius. Later on in the episode Gordon and Co. are briefly discussing the co-ordinates and here nothing really happens apart from getting another of what is now Diane’s trademark quote “Fuck you Albert”…… someone please put that on a t-shirt.

Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 12.52.45 am

The final big sequence of events follows up from last episode where the Mitchum brothers are now trying to kill Dougie as they believe he fucked them over. Before anything else we get one of the best Dougie moments yet, seeing him be guided around the office like a dog chasing a bone on a string only the bone is a cup of coffee. Funnily enough, i know a few people that technique would actually work on. In Dougie’s meeting with his boss we learn that Dougie (through the use of his new superpowers presumably) has actually ruled in favour of the Mitchum brothers and hasn’t actually fucked them over. I spoke last episode about Dougie needing something more than a karate chop to get himself out of this mess and it looked like he had just found his way out.

Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 12.45.46 am

On the way to his meeting with the Mitchum brothers that was going to take place in the middle of the desert Dougie spots another vision of MIKE calling him into a nearby store. When Dougie leaves the store he is holding a box with something inside, presumably something to help him avoid being shot by the Mitchums? Meanwhile, whilst waiting for Dougie’s arrival Bradley is going on about his dream that he had last night and that in the dream the cut on Rodney’s face given to him just last episode had completely healed. And upon checking Rodney’s face it turns out the dream was more than just a dream. Conveniently enough, before Rodney can shoot Dougie Bradley also remembers that in his dream was the same box Dougie is holding. He tells Rodney that if what was in the box was what he thought it was then it would mean Dougie was not their enemy. This whole scene at this point was pure ridiculousness due to Belushi’s great overacting and its striking similarity to the ending of ‘Se7en’.

Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 1.02.55 am

Anyway Bradley guesses that there is a cherry pie in the box and upon opening it would you fucking believe it……. there was a cherry pie in the box. Bradley then checks Dougie and finds the cheque for all of their money, they are over the moon and Dougie doesn’t get shot, everyone is a winner (except for Duncan Todd and Evil Cooper). Later in a restaurant the trio celebrate in the most Twin Peaks way possible, downing some lovely and delicious cherry pie. And in the process we finally get a “damn good” from Dougie/Cooper, that line alone coupled with the cherry pie made the episode for me. And also something to note, Candie (yes i have been spelling her name wrong) is really beginning to shit me more than she is shitting Bradley and Rodney.

Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 12.38.23 am

On top of all that there is one sequence where we go to the sheriffs department where Hawk and Frank are still working on deciphering Major Briggs’ note using a map that is “very old, but always current”. During their analysis of the symbols on the map Margaret calls again because she knows that Hawk has uncovered something, she mentions that her log is afraid of fire and there is fire where he is going………. Again with the cryptic messaging about the black fire Hawk was talking about. Someone please set this log up for an interview because i have a lot of questions for this know it all. During this scene Lucy is the one who calls to let Hawk know Margaret is calling and every damn time she makes a point about the phone line with the blinking light i cannot help but enjoy the scene, and absolute classic.

Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 12.22.09 am

So there you have it, another strong episode in a fantastic and constantly evolving series. We got some major developments in the stories involving the Mitchum brothers and Gordon & Co., and also got a nice little dramatic and action filled side plot with Becky and Shelly that didn’t distance itself from the tone of Twin Peaks which (with the inclusion of this season) has stretched over to multiple genres and i’m loving every minute of it.


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