‘TWIN PEAKS’ Season 3 Episode 10 – TV Review – “Laura is the one”

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Well this episode was something, in contrast to the previous episodes this was a very violence filled entry that had quite a bit of violence against women featured and had more profanity than we’ve seen so far and also a sex scene, regardless of how absurd it was, it’s still a sex scene. This episode was pretty packed and jumps around quite a bit to various characters, some extremely briefly, and others very heavily featured such as Richard Horne who in this episode is the grandson of Ben and Sylvia Horne and most likely the son of Audrey Horne who we are still yet to see this season. A few episodes ago we went fully into the crazy and weird side of Twin Peaks and now we have gone not fully but a little more towards the quirky side of Twin Peaks which worked out mostly pretty well.

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Lets begin by covering all of the Richard Horne related content in one section because his appearances in the episode are plentiful and scattered throughout the entire runtime. So firstly we have Richard going to visit Miriam and getting yelled at as she knows it was him who (last time we saw him) killed a kid in a hit and run. He finds out that she has sent a letter to the sheriff that would lead to his arrest. And in true psychopath fashion Richard barges his way into her caravan, beats the shit out of her, and leaves her bleeding unconscious on the ground with the gas on and a candle lit. Safe to say she’s dead. Richard then calls his friend at the sheriff’s department to keep an eye out for the letter. A little later in the episode douchebag sheriff Chad goes out to collect the mail and takes the letter incriminating Richard out of the pile. Lucy is watching him this whole time and thinks his actions are unusual but knowing Lucy she’ll probably just look past it.

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In a final appearance from Richard this episode we visit the household we briefly saw last week belonging to the Horne family. Ok, so now the running scene last episode makes sense when it is pointed out that Johnny is Ben and Lydia’s mentally handicapped son, that explains a lot. We are properly introduced to Johnny here and he is all bandaged up with a helmet on and is strapped to a chair…. seemingly to stop him running into any more walls. Also in front of him is a teddy bear with i light for a head repeating the same sentence over and over and over and over again throughout the entire scene that followed…. “Hello Johnny, how are you today?”. Then enters Richard who once again barges his way into the house assaults and strangles his grandmother and steals money and jewellery from her purse. I don’t care if he is part of the Horne family this guy is quickly becoming the King Joffrey of Twin Peaks and needs to be shut down, where is Olenna Tyrell when you need her?

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Now lets cover the other major players this episode who were the casino owning Mitchum brothers played by Robert Knepper and Jim Belushi. Their first appearance this episode comes in one of the campiest scenes so far. Candy is creeping around the house hunting down a fly with a handkerchief as Knepper sits very still on the couch. Conveniently as the fly lands on Knepper’s face Candy has picked up a remote to swat the fly and yup, you guessed it, she swings that thing and gives Knepper a massive right hook which results in Belushi running into the room and everyone screaming hysterically and comically. The fact that this is one of those isolated scenes that doesn’t start from anything and doesn’t lead into anything is just the reason why i love this show so much. Then we go and visit Duncan Todd once again in his high rise office and here we find out his plan to kill Dougie Jones. He sends his insurance man to meet with the Mitchum brothers and convince them to do the dirty work and kill Dougie.

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Later in the episode we get this scene with the insurance man visiting them and doing his best to convince the Mitchum brothers that they have an enemy in Dougie Jones. Thankfully the brothers are very easily convinced and without much effort at all they look to be in full kill mode. This was a very quirky interaction mainly because of how overly serious the Mitchum brothers are, and emphasised by Candy’s actions in this scene. She was acting very weird with long pauses before responding, not responding at all, moving very slowly…. it was odd but it was more annoying than anything else because i just wanted to see what would happen in the scene and she was slowing it down. Well now it looks like with these guys on his back it’s going to take a lot more than a swift karate chop from Dougie to get out of this one.

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Ok so now for everything else that went down this episode between these two major storylines. Dougie goes for a health examination and Janey makes a mind blowing revelation during this exam….. no not that Dougie has some mental issues but that Dougie is now sporting a sexy bod. And a little later in the episode after Dougie is done with downing an especially tasty looking slice of cake this revelation leads to a Dougie and Janey sex scene and it’s fucking fantastic. It’s ridiculous and Dougie’s facial expression during the scene is absolute GOLD, something you would frame on a wall. We also catch up again with Dr Jacoby after we recently learnt of his Dr Amp persona and new line of Gold Shit-Digging Shovels. He seems to be in the middle of a live conspiracy broadcast that of course his biggest fan Nadine is currently watching. “Buy yourself a shovel, dig yourself out of the shit”.

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If we get one scene of Jerry out in the woods on his own per episode that will make my week every damn week. Here we only got what may have been a 10 second scene of Jerry on his phone failing at finding a signal but it was ridiculous and amazing nonetheless. Then later in the episode we get a scene between Gordon Cole and Albert that is all sorts of interesting. Before Albert enters the scene as Gordon opens the door he is greeted by a harrowing vision of Laura Palmer, how does Gordon react to this? Does he tell anyone? And why did he specifically see it? I want to see how this plays out. But then in the following conversation something even more interesting is revealed. Upon Albert and Gordon discovering the text Evil Cole sent to Diane they also discovered that she sent a reply back that was equally as cryptic. This doesn’t reveal that she is knowingly in contact with Evil Cooper but it does confirm that she knows a lot more than she is letting on. Tammy then enters the scene delivering Gordon a photo taken from the penthouse featuring the glass box we have heard nothing about since the beginning of the season. And the photo confirms that Evil Cooper is heavily involved in the operations that were conducted with the mysterious box.

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Finally, before the episode closes out with another song we revisit the beloved Log Lady played by the late Catherine Coulson who addresses Hawk once again giving him another cryptic message to decipher, this one ending with “Laura is the one”. What does it mean? I don’t think Hawk is going to know what it means immediately and neither do i so we are going to need to wait for more clues. Also i must say, the fact that Coulson plays such an important role in this season at such an age and state of health (at the time of filming) is great to see.

So in the end this was a very strong entry in Season 3, not quite the best but also not a bad one. The extent of violence shown especially how pretty much all of it was against women made it a little uneasy to watch but if that is what is needed to tell the story then Twin Peaks will do what Twin Peaks has to. Many plots are still developing and with under half the season to go i cannot wait to see it all wrap up……. assuming it does all wrap up.




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