‘TWIN PEAKS’ Season 3 Episode 9 – TV Review – As Far As You Can Get From Last Episode

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After the insanity that was episode 8, we could not possibly have a more different episode than what episode 9 turned out to be. We reverted back to the liner form of storytelling here with the episode littered with tonnes of dialogue, exposition, and silence. The episode started of slow, with not a whole lot going on but as it got to the end it began to build towards some very enlightening revelations.

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We open with a short scene, Gordon Cole, Albert, and Diane on a plane when they get a call finding out that Evil Cooper has flown the coop. They also make new plans to go to Buckhorn, South Dakota to see the body of Garland Briggs. Over with Evil Cooper he has made his way to a farm where he has met up with two of his accomplices Chantal and Hutch played by Jennifer Jason Leigh and Tim Roth respectively. Not much happens in this scene adding to the uneventfulness of the first half of this episode. We then catch back up with Dougie where whilst waiting patiently in the waiting room with Janey some detectives are interviewing his boss about why someone tried to kill him two episodes ago. After a brief discussion the agents then learn that Dougie doesn’t have any records prior to 1997, most likely the time at which this doppleganger was created….. The agents then track down Ike ‘The Spike’ in his hotel and we are finally done with all of that stuff.

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Back to Twin Peaks we go to to catch up on all of the mysteries still unsolved in the town. But first we need an update of Lucy and Andy who are on their computers (in the same room) both searching for some new furniture to buy. Lucy REALLY loves the beige chair, whereas Andy REALLY loves the red chair. Ultimates she wins the conversation with Andy giving up, but buys the red chair anyway, because hey, she won the debate so thats all that matters. But the thing that really made this scene was watching them get up and walk 2 meters over and over again just to talk to each other, classic. Then we get a completely random isolated scene where someone named Johnny is full sprinting through his house ‘Get Out’ style and ends up running full force, face first into a wall. Why? I have no fucking idea…..

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Then we get to the real mystery at hand with Bobby, Hawk, and Frank going to visit Major Briggs’ wife regarding Briggs and Agent Cooper. Suddenly she takes charge of the conversation telling us all that after Cooper left Major Briggs told her that one day Bobby, Hawk, and Frank would visit and ask about Cooper. He told her that when this did happen to give them a small silver canister that she had hidden in a chair for 25 years. A little later in the episode they go to investigate the item they received and as it turns out Bobby knows how to open it and he does so by smashing it on the ground….. inventive. Inside were two pieces of paper, one featured instructions about an event two days from now at a location only Bobby knew about and the other is a paper with codes all over it and within the codes are the words “Cooper Cooper”. What is happening in 2 days? I can’t wait to find out.

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Back with Gordon, Albert, and Diane they have arrived at the morgue housing Major Briggs’ body. We also learn that Diane is the recipient of a cryptic text that was sent by Evil Cooper earlier in the episode. Does she know it’s from Evil Cooper? What information does she have about this? You know as much as i do…. Whilst visiting the body Gordon and Albert learn that William Hastings had a blog about alternate dimensions that mentioned the Major in his final entry. It’s about time we heard Principal Hastings’ name again, almost forgot about the guy.

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Only in Twin Peaks could we ever get the following scene. We cut to Jerry Horne who is alone in the woods seemingly terrified of his foot. Why? Well because his foot can now talk and has a high pitched voice when it tells him “I am not your foot”. After hitting his foot a few times he begins wrestling with it….. I would legit love to see a PPV match between Jerry and his talking foot. Highlight of the episode for me.

Finally, it has only taken about 7 episodes but we catch up with Principal Hastings again and here he is being interrogated about his blog and Major Briggs. This was the most interesting scene of the episode right here. Hastings revealed that he and Ruth Davenport were investigating ‘The Zone’ and through this alternate dimension he managed to find the Major who was hibernating in that dimension. The Major then sent Hastings and Davenport to find some coordinates, and upon giving them to Major Briggs he started to float up to the sky saying “Cooper Cooper”. Now considering that after this event people showed up to kill Ruth Davenport after the numbers i believe they are the numbers Evil Cooper is after from Ray. This could also mean that Ray is the one who killed Ruth Davenport….. Things are starting to come together. And no-one knows how to close out a scene better than Albert…. “Fruit cake anyone?”…..

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In the final moments of the episode Ben Horne and Beverly are still investigating the mysterious ringing sound and a girl in the Roadhouse just got fired, has a rash, and loves talking about completely random stuff like penguins. This was a very good episode in the end but would have been better if the episode didn’t start off as slow as it did.







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