‘JESSICA JONES’ Season 2 (2018) Spoiler Review – Where Is Kilgrave When You Need Him?


Season 2 of Jessica Jones has come and gone in overall disappointing fashion, the lack of Kilgrave is felt across the entire season and even when the season does reveal its main villain around half way through it still doesn’t bring the show back to it previous greatness. I couldn’t really go into the entire second half of this season in my non-spoiler review so I will be going through a lot of that here focusing mainly on the biggest twist of the season….. Jessica’s mother is alive.


For the entirety of the first half of the season there was a mysterious woman roaming around town who seemed to have powers just like Jessica, only she isn’t properly introduced as a main character until we get to episode 7 which is the flashback episode (which I have some opinions about). The reveal that this woman played by Janet McTeer is actually Jessica’s mum Alisa Jones who also barely survived the tragic car accident was surprising but also not surprising at the same time. I had suspected from early on that maybe Jessica’s brother had also survived the crash and is powered, what made me think this was that there was a bit of focus on the ashes in the early episodes and I figured this was a tactic to prove to me that her family really is dead to throw me off. So although I was wrong in who turned out to be alive, I wasn’t entirely shocked when her mother being alive and the villain was the big twist. I really like this revelation because she is the reason I was able to actually enjoy any of this season. Getting this revelation out of the way allowed the rest of the season to focus on Jessica’s relationship with her mother and how part of her wants to kill her and part of her knows it’s her mother in there and can’t. This exploration of her inner conflict is great and had me actually entirely engaged in Jessica’s story for the first time this season.


The introduction of Alisa makes up for the lack of a villain in the first half of the season, and what I like is that she still isn’t really a villain. I mean, she’s bad but rather than giving Jessica a villain to physically fight the fighting is being done within herself which is clever. I love the dynamic she shares with Jessica and they have a number of heartfelt moments that I completely bought into. And this really is due to Janet McTeer’s performance which is absolutely fantastic. The way she portrays this character who is constantly on the edge of exploding so convincingly is incredible and can make you hate her and feel sorry for her at the same time. Also I need to mention Callum Keith Rennie who plays Karl Malus in the season, the one responsible for Jessica and Alisa’s powers. He is also great in this season when he is on screen and his character is quite well fleshed out for someone who doesn’t have a whole lot of screen-time. His relationship with Alisa was also a nice touch and how he was the one thing aside from Jessica who could set off Alisa’s short fuse almost instantly.

Now, I want to talk about episode 7 which I’m dubbing the flashback episode because what would a Marvel show be without an entire episode dedicated to a characters backstory. I’m split on this episode because I understand why what was shown was shown but I didn’t love all of it. I enjoyed all of the stuff involving Alisa because it filled in the time since we last saw her and also why she never went to reconnect with her daughter. But all of the stuff with Trish and Jessica I wasn’t a huge fan of, I understood it was all leading up to the point where Alisa killed Jessica’s boyfriend and how that would send her back to Trish but I don’t think it needed it. Some of the stuff with the two of them I felt was redundant conflict that didn’t really reveal anything much about their relationship aside from why they sit on that rooftop watching black and white films. But anyway, it all led to Alisa’s presence in the remainder of the season which I had a lot of fun with right up until the final moment where she gets her brains blown out by Trish.


It wouldn’t be a Jessica Jones discussion if I didn’t talk about Kilgrave and how he makes a stronger impact in one fucking episode than almost anyone else in this entire season. I know the guy is dead but he should have played a much larger role in the season as oppose to just one episode. He comes in at episode 11 and before you know it he’s gone which is an absolute shame because that is the best episode of the season by a long shot. The way he appears in her mind and toys with her about the fact that she killed for the third time is fantastic. Having him constantly appear and annoy her with his witty comments in that one episode was great and it would have made the whole season a shitload better if he was present for all of it. When the best episode of the season is the one with Kilgrave in it that says something….. #Kilgraveforseason3. If the absence of Kilgrave in this season wasn’t already obvious, this episode is pretty much teasing us with what’s missing.

Now on to Trish, she had a pretty strong arc this season and is very clearly being set up to possibly embrace her Hellcat vigilante name from the comics and fight crime herself. I suspect she will be an even bigger player in season 3 and by the end of that season we might see a Jessica Jones and Hellcat team-up fight which I’d be keen to check out. I also really appreciated the Turk cameo in here and hope he stays around in all of these Marvel Netflix shows in the future.


So that’s it for my spoiler discussion of season 2, if you want to check out the score I gave the season as a whole you can do so HERE.


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