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Netflix’s DIRTY JOHN Season 1 leads with a chilling Eric Bana performance

Based on the true-crime podcast about sociopath John Meehan comes Dirty John, a drama thriller about how Debra’s (Connie Britton) life changes for the worst when she falls head over heels in love… Continue reading

‘KING ARTHUR: LEGEND OF THE SWORD’ (2017) Movie Review – Thoroughly Enjoyable From Start To Finish

So i know what you’re probably thinking… “here we go again with yet another rendition of the King Arthur story”. And i get it, it’s exactly what I thought when I wasn’t impressed… Continue reading

‘THE FINEST HOURS’ Movie Review – Half a ship can float??

‘The Finest Hours’ is an Adventure/Drama film based on the true events in 1952 where a Coast Guard off the New England seaboard sets out during a dangerous storm to rescue survivors on… Continue reading