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Netflix’s ISN’T IT ROMANTIC (2019) is a feel-good romantic comedy satirising romantic comedies

Netflix has come out with another romantic comedy that is sure to be as basic as it is enjoyable. Isn’t it Romantic follows Natalie (Rebel Wilson), an unlucky in love architect who suddenly… Continue reading

‘PITCH PERFECT 3’ (2017) Movie Review – A Great Finale to an Aca-awesome Trilogy

The finale to the Pitch Perfect trilogy is here and although Pitch Perfect 3¬†doesn’t recapture the same magic of the first film entirely I feel like it gives the franchise a good sendoff… Continue reading

‘THE BROTHERS GRIMSBY’ Movie Review – Please…. Make It Stop…

This movie was a giant, never-ending waste of time, and even at a generous hour and 20 minutes it still managed to bore the absolute living shit out of me. Sacha Baron Cohen… Continue reading