Opening This Week – August 7 – 9 – 2015

fantastic4openingthisweek Coming up this week we have one BIG movie releasing that goes by the name of ‘Fantastic Four’, and two kinda big movies ‘The Gift’ and ‘Ricki and the Flash’. Lets start with Fant4stic shall we. It is the next reboot of the Marvel superheroes that no-one can seem to get right. So this is it, this will be the Fantastic Four movie we have been waiting for right? Well no, not really, in fact, not at all. I happen to have already seen this movie and i can say that is complete and utter crap. You can enjoy reading my dissection of this movie in my review HERE, I rip into why this movie should not be seen by anyone, so head on over there to see exactly what i thought (No Spoilers). Unfortunately, this movie will probably get the top position at the Box Office this weekend, the only thing that would prevent that is if people see the crappy reviews coming out. But incase you have missed the trailer so far here it is:

Next up is a film a lot of people may not have heard about but i am looking forward to, ‘The Gift’ starring Jason Bateman and Joel Edgerton who is also making his directorial debut. It appears to be a Mystery Thriller with Jason Bateman taking on a more serious role than we are used to seeing him in. It looks to be very dark and creepy and if you know me, you would know that i love a good mystery thriller. But i have also been fooled many times by very good trailers in the past, so although i am looking forward to this film i still have a little bit of caution going into it. So, here is the trailer for you to enjoy.
Last on this list is Ricki and the Flash that stars Meryl Streep and i believe is about a mother who wants to pursue her life-long dream to be a rock star. Yeah, thats about right, i am not at all familiar with this property and personally i wasn’t at all interested in it after seeing the trailer. But, i guess knowing Meryl Streep, she will probably get an Oscar nomination just for being in the damn film, so you have that to look forward to. So the trailer is below if this at all interests you.
And that just about does it for this weeks new releases that includes only one big film this week. So what will you be seeing comment below on your preference. (Not Fantastic Four)

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