Movie Review: The Man from U.N.C.L.E (2015) – Henry Cavill Action Comedy


The Man from U.N.C.L.E is an action comedy starring Henry Cavill, Armie Hammer, and the incredible Alicia Vikander in a 1960’s period piece spy film, that i have to say was a little better than i thought it was going to be. Now the film is based off a TV series that aired during the 60’s by the same name, but i don’t expect you to remember watching that show unless you are at least 55-60 and even then it doesn’t matter because this might as well have been called something else and no-one would have made the connection. I will start by saying that this was a little more comedic than i thought it was going to be, not so much the laugh out loud kind just some funny gags throughout the film to keep you laughing the mood light and fun. There was action in the film and it was handled very well but not as much as i thought there was going to be as there was quite a bit of dialogue taking up a lot of the movie, but the comedic moments were well timed and the action set pieces were entertaining enough to contrast the more slower exposition filled scenes.


The cinematography and directing of this film were great, Guy Ritchie utilised a very comic-book like visual style to shoot the action scenes and transitions and it gave the film a fresh feel to it, like something more than your generic action film. The plot itself had a lot to offer in terms of surprises and taking turns that always kept the film interesting and not predictable at all. The only thing i thought could have been handled better were the lengths of some of the exposition scenes because it slightly affected the pace of the film at times where it was swapping from fast paced to slow paced pretty quickly and was a little jarring. But that was my only gripe with this film. I have to talk about the best part of this film, the characters.


Henry Cavill, Armie Hammer, and of course the amazing Alicia Vikander were astounding in their roles and the chemistry between the three of them was hilariously fun and entertaining, i could watch these three go at each other for hours and not get bored. The back and forth between Cavill and Hammer was the star of the show, their contrasting backgrounds gave some hilarious moments and when they clashed it was great to see their interactions. The other thing i have to commemorate this film for doing is handling character setup and development incredibly well. A lot of the film was focused on these characters and you could really see their progression throughout the film, how much they changed and/or did’t change and i made for a very fun ride. But the setup of these characters was undoubtedly flawless, they were all introduced and setup right away and no time was wasted on long introductions. They managed to capture the characters’ personalities in one sequence which is what more films should strive to do.


This is no masterpiece but it is definitely a very fun theatre experience with great action comedy and characters. More people should definitely see this film, i feel the lack of knowledge of the original property and lack of a big leading man would turn people away from seeing it but this really is a film worth seeing. – 7.8

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