Movie Review: STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON – N.W.A Biopic – Ice Cube, Dr Dre


This is one of the best films of the year, that is all. Straight Outta Compton was just absolutely fucking incredible. It was a biopic that told the story of how NWA came to be and what happened while they were active and after. Now i don’t know the history of NWA to the point where i know what is accurate and what is not, but from looking stuff up if you are looking for the most accurate retelling, this probably isn’t it as it is a biopic not a documentary. But with Ice Cube and Dr Dre as producers on the film i guess you could say some things were more accurate than not. The fact that this film managed to entertain me from start to finish even though i am not exactly an NWA fan speaks for how spectacular this movie was. It was intense at times, sad at times and in the end was just a really fascinating story that had me on the edge of my seat the entire time. It had incredible performances and covered many different events that all came together to tell a what is a really great story. Really, this film just had it all. I love a good biopic, and this is one of the best of them all, amazing.


Lets start with the performances by the actors because every damn actor in this movie KILLED IT as their character, especially O’Shea Jackson Jr. as his own dad. For a group of people who were relatively unknown they did a damn good job. Every single one transformed into their character (especially visually) and were so convincing that they may have actually gone back and gotten the characters’ younger selves. Having that realism of these actors looking exactly like the real guys added even more authenticity to the film and the story they were trying to tell. Even Paul Giamatti was fantastic as always and the fact that all of these actors got me to care about or not care about every character whether i knew of them or not speaks again for the effort put into the film on the actors’ part.


The plot of the movie was gripping and an undeniably exciting ride. The fact that all of this stuff (more or less) happened in real life is so fascinating that you just couldn’t make this stuff up. These stories and events made for a plot that flowed so well all the way through and it was never too slow or too fast and never had a boring moment in its 2 hour and 27 minute runtime. Even though i had heard of some of the events that were coming up, the movie still had me on the edge of my seat in anticipation. The film also has a little drop of humour thrown in there to combat some of the darker more serious events that take place. Again, i’m sure they glossed over stuff and skipped certain things in order to not have this movie go for 4 hours but to someone not really familiar with everything going on with them at the time, it was all fine to me. Did it make me want to know more about these events? Fuck yeh it did, mission accomplished.

So in the end, if you haven’t realised already, i really really loved this movie, a story that was very well documented (or adapted), and fantastically acted right through to end up with an all round fantastic biographical picture and film – 9.4


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