Movie Review: THE TRANSPORTER REFUELED (2015) – Ed Skrein Action Thriller


The Transporter Refueled is a desperate attempt to squeeze as much money as possible can out of the ‘Transporter’ brand. This was simply an all-round bad movie that you should not waste your time watching. Completely unoriginal, disastrous plot, no fun, no excitement, bland characters…. the only thing this has in common with the other (good) Transporter films is the title and character Frank Martin. The main reason people actually liked the other Transporter films was because of Jason Statham, so his absence in this film is clearly felt with Ed Skrein constantly trying to pull of his best Statham impression the whole time. I don’t think it was necessarily Ed’s fault, i think that was the way he was directed to act to try and be more like Statham but he should have been his own character in another movie.


The writing for this film was incredibly lazy and predictable and seemed like the writers literally just pulled out the ‘Action Thriller handbook of Cliches’ and slapped some shit together we have seen countless times hoping no-one would notice. Everything plays out exactly as you thought it would and it fails to surprise you even in the slightest. The plot of the film was just complete garbage from the very beginning. You don’t actually know what the hell is going on for more than 70% of the movie, tonnes of shit is going on, people are getting kidnapped, theres a prostitute ring, and the Transporter has to drive the ‘packages’ around from action set piece to action set piece. All this time i actually had no idea why anything was happening and how it all connected. I think with 25 minutes left it was evident the writers realised the movie made no sense so they went for a shockingly awful finale that tried desperately to tie everything together but by then who the hell cares.


The action in this film is also very very non-exciting and at many times looks extremely obviously fake. The car chase scenes are nothing new and very repetitive, just someone driving really fast while the clueless other cops crash all around him. There was one car scene that did surprise me a little and showed some hints of creativity but it was very short lived. The fight scenes were just at times very infuriating. I have seen more realistic WWE fights than half the crap in this film, the 100 cuts in each 5 minute fight weren’t enough to make it even look a tiny bit realistic. There were one or two fight scenes that got a little inventive and stood out as superior scenes compared to the other but still nothing that would make you enjoy the film.

Luckily for everyone the film only runs for barely an hour and a half so if you somehow find yourself forced to watch this, be thankful that you don’t need to sit through over 2 hours of it. The few well done scenes are evenly spaced to hopefully get you through it fine.




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