‘THE BOSS’ – Movie Review – Melissa McCarthy is Melissa McCarthy

“In a world where terrible comedies dominate the market, Anna, now a single mom finds herself a long way from Arendelle where she must team up with the oversaturated Melissa McCarthy to ….uhhh…… sell girl scout cookies, and keep the business out of the hands of Tyrion Lannister who….” oh fuck it, this movie is a pile of turd no matter how you describe it.

the boss1.jpg

Get ready for another discount, unfunny, cliche, run of the mill, basic, seen this before, waste of time comedy starring no-ones favourite Melissa McCarthy playing Melissa McCarthy again. Where none of the jokes hit except for maybe 4 to 5 somewhere in the middle, the rest is just McCarthy doing more of the same schtick that you see her do in everything she’s in. It’s no secret that i don’t find her funny, she is so oversaturated right now that she is just about joining the ranks of Kevin Hart. Where when a film needs a loud, crazy, plus size woman, they just get Melissa McCarthy, same as when a film needs a short, loud-mouthed black guy, they just pull Kevin Hart out of a hat. In moderation they can be funny, but when they are shoved in our face in 10 new comedies every year, i just have enough of them. That being said, Kristen Bell is also in this film, and where she wasn’t funny, i gotta say, she wasn’t bad, you could just tell that she wasn’t given enough material to work with when McCarthy isn’t on screen. No other character is actually represented enough for you to actually like or care about them, even Peter Dinklage was pretty much playing a minor secondary character if you look at the film as a whole.


Also, you may get the idea from the trailer that this film primarily revolves around girl scouts selling cookies and McCarthy teaching kids how to build an empire. But it doesn’t really, i don’t think this film knew what it wanted to focus on, sometimes it’s the cookies, sometimes it’s about McCarthy and Bell’s relationship, and it even at one point switches into a full on heist film which was jarring as fuck. The thing is, all three of these basic premises could have been enough to focus this film on and have as the overarching plot, but it just tried to do all of them in an hour and a half and it ended up being quite a mess. I wouldn’t say the film is overly predictable, but to be honest, you actually have to be paying attention to wonder about what is going to happen next. But this film couldn’t even draw me in enough to have me want to know what was happening.

On top of those major plot points it tries to juggle around, there are some side plots revolving around some secondary characters that either go nowhere or were just thrown in there to make this longer than an episode of Game of Thrones. There is a romance in the film that is so out of left field you can actually pinpoint the exact moment the writers conceived the idea to have a romantic interest. And that’s what much of this film is, a basic stripped down plot that had a shitload of ideas thrown at all wall as they started filming it, and rather than saying no, they just went with all of them and it didn’t work.


So if your planning on seeing this film, just skip it, but if you like Melissa McCarthy’s humour then i hope you get something out of it that i certainly didn’t. Just thinking about this film, i really worry for that damn Ghostbusters reboot/sequel/remake, because i just know there are going to be a lot of shitty moments designed for Melissa McCarthy to do her thing….


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